Episode 5: What if...businesses embraced their fear of real growth?
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What if....businesses embraced their fear of real growth with Jenn Lofgren, Incito

Top takeaways:

5.25: We all have a story about someone when we hear their bio, but it's never their whole story. Listen to Jenn's story about growing up homeless at the age of 16, being a mechanical assistant in the Canadian Reserves, her career as an assistant to an interior designer and how this is not actually in her bio. 

8.47 - 10:37: The biggest hindrance to leadership: FEAR mindset that shows up in three main areas.

  1. To be liked
  2. To be right
  3. To win.

To be an effective leader, we must let go of all three of these fears. 

11:02 - 12:14: Our identity should not be defined by our role as "leader"

  • This allows more choice and ability to belong within the leader role
  • Allows us to be more willing to stand alone
  • Allows us to shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance

13:22: Even in seemingly "choiceless" situations, we always have a choice

14:42 - 16:50: Value behind a coach is rarely about the problem one goes to a coach for

  • Hear how one of Jenn's clients learned to exchange their toxic behaviours
  • There is a gift to having someone support you as you start to see your behaviours and values in action

17:22 - 19:42: There is power in conflict.

  • Conflict is an internal issue, not an external one. Having someone move through conflict with you can create a positive impact

20:37: Leadership is difficult and requires you to step into vulnerability time and again. The key is to work with someone to help you sort through this as you cannot do leadership work along

23:17 - 24:15: How to start embracing conflict, critical feedback, and growth

  1. Talk to someone
  2. Go through an assessment tool - such as a 360 Assessment - for an objective path forward
  3. Look for the 2% truth in any type of assessment providing feedback.

25:52 - 26:52: Fear isn't about leaping out of it. It's baby-stepping your way through it. It's about giving you control over how you want to show up each day.

28:18: hear Jenn's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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