Episode 8: What if...businesses behaved boldly for growth while making incremental shifts?
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What if....businesses behaved boldly for growth while making incremental shifts? with Elise Russell of Pony Friday

Top takeaways:

7:03: The power of giving yourself the space you need allows you the power to shed pieces of yourself that no longer serve you as you go forward.

8:11: Behave Boldly; Elise's raw tale of shedding light on

  • what it means to be an entrepreneur; 
  • what it means to define a version of yourself; and 
  • what it means to define your version of success

9:06: What could redefining these mean for your business...and your life? This is about accepting what you want that may not make sense to others - or even yourself - in the moment. It's about listening to, and then embracing your instincts

11:09: COVID and its impact on businesses - EVERY INDIVIDUAL on your team became more of their own identity in the chaos. This showed the larger segmentation of teams and its impact on having to consider the added anxiety in the current climate. COVID allowed businesses to see that individuals required understanding and compassion for each person. 

13:04: How can we adjust our understanding - and our pace - to be able to now accommodate individuals along the way as pivots, market changes, and pandemics continue to draw attention to the people within a business?

14:54: You have to decide how to handle things when they hit the fan. See this as a time for emotional growth.

19:29: We have to understand the power of incremental shifts...and that they can take a long time. This relies on three things:

  1. Shifting your mindset that things may take time and must be done in steps
  2. Knowing (and then taking) the steps you have to take
  3. NOT putting a timeline on growth

21:13: Think - if you were the best possible version of yourself tomorrow, what's the point of the next 60 years?

22:14: Elise shares the ONE mistakes businesses make with their business and their brands.

25:04: The most important thing we can do in our business, in our lives, is to navigate human connections

25:13: Sometimes - the best move we can take is to simply PAUSE

27:39: There are so many opportunities. These are opportunities to redefine ourselves and understand who we really are and who we really want to be looking forward now

31:14: Hear Elise's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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