Season 2: Episode 6: What if...businesses decided to invest in workplace trust?
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What if....businesses decided to invest in workplace trust? with Shane Osborne, Better Business Bureau

Top takeaways:

5:06: Trust today just isn't the same as it used to be

5:37: Trust means that we must be really honest and transparent as we allow businesses to get to know us, including what we believe in

8:25: Trust has to be a 2-way street, otherwise there will be a breakdown in communication

10:45: Trust comes down to a choice as it informs the ethics of a business. Every Tom, Dick, or Harry can start and run a business, but not every Tom, Dick, or Harry can be ethical in running it

11:43: What message is a company inadvertently sending when they simply do not respond to a customer?

12:40: Customers want to be heard and have a dialogue without being ghosted. This is where the breakdown in trust often happens

14:44: Shane shares how to have hard conversations with clients and it means removing our ownership pride 

15:45: We must learn how to have open and transparent conversations, even when we're in the wrong!

17:56: How does trust play in business today and how can we build it now as business continues to change?

21:17: How can new businesses start to build trust when they don't have a history behind them?

23:40: All businesses fail someone, somewhere along the way

24:52: The importance of building trust with your team so they can do the same with your customers. This comes to finding the balance between iron fist management and best friend management

26:22 - 30:58: When coaching people you need to: tell them how to do it, show them how to do it, let them do it, then give feedback. This consistency will build trust and help you tur out employees who do things the way you need them to. It's a system for building trusted employees

31:37: We cannot get angry or frustrated with people when we do not tell them what they can or cannot do

34:32: Culture is what's most important - over and above a paycheque

35:30: Retention is how you measure whether your team trusts you

38:25: Hear Shane's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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