Episode 2: What if...businesses lead with heart-centred leadership?
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What if....businesses lead with heart-centred leadership with Tanya Koshowski, Executive Director, Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids; Founder, Tanya K. Consulting 

UPDATE FOR LISTENERS SINCE EPISODE RECORDED: Tanya has recently launched a People Centered Leadership Cohort. This is a  community of opportunity-focused people to create human connection, shared learning, results and togetherness! This group is a bi-monthly cohort of leaders learning, connecting and growing together. There is content monthly to guide the group and conversation. For more info about joining this community of people centered leaders, visit: http://tanyak.ca/people-centered-leadership-cohort 

Top takeaways: 

8:44 - 12:15: The People Centered Leadership framework for leading from the heart 

  1. Listen to yourself; 
  2. Know your purpose; 
  3. Care about others 

Crucial to see our people as a whole person When you care for your people, they'll build into your business 

14:00: How to tap into your authentic, real self as a leader when your world is falling apart 

20:20: Compassion fatigue IS REAL What do leaders need to do to make sure they're able to show up with compassion and focus on the long term purpose/vision of the organization 

22:37: A healthy bottom line MUST ensure that your people are healthy 

29:00: The power of a CARE MEETING to create productive teams Download Tanya's free guide for "How to Plan and Facilitate a care and connect" meeting that will have your team more engaged, loyal, and productive...even remotely! Download at www.wearebettertogether.ca.  

32:00: Leadership starts with yourself. Tanya shares her personal tips for tapping into your heart-centred self Be vulnerable to share where your head/heart's at Take time to accept, feel, and move through it Model this to your people.  

34:02: Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids Childhood hunger is a harsh reality in our city. Kids can't learn, grow, or have the opportunity to reach their full potential if they don't have the food they need and a sense of love and belonging that other people care for them!  Be a #heroforhungrykids with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids www.bb4ck.org/take-action 

36:05: hear Tanya's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?  

Connect with Tanya online: 

Website: https://tanyak.ca/ 

Instagram: @tanyakyyc 

Facebook: @tanyakyyc 

LinkedIn: Tanya Koshowski 

Twitter: @tanyakyyc 

Connect with Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids: 

Website: https://bb4ck.org/ 

Instagram: @bb4ck 

Facebook: @bb4ck 

Youtube: Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids

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