Season 2: Episode 8: What if...businesses allowed employees to thrive with personal brands?
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What if....businesses allowed employees to thrive with personal brands? with Tracy Borreson, TLB Coaching

Top takeaways:

7:17: The whole point of a brand is to create an experience for someone

7:27: People create experiences...not clever marketing strategies

8:57: You must know who you are as a brand to have the right people manage it for your company

11:02: Do you know if your company only uses the word "culture"...or do they actually have a culture?

12:27: Personal brand alignment = when something resonates with you. When your people are in misalignment, it's hard to get the best out of them for your business.

14:03: Corporate ladders vs. personal brands and what's required to ensure personal investment in growing with your company

15:34 - 17:27: Do the job you love - but do it YOUR way. Highlighting powerhouse professionals owning their personal brands: Kyla Lee, Vancouver Criminal Lawyer and Alice Stephenson, Stephenson Law. Two women in traditionally conservative industries transforming how to work in their fields

18:50: How leaders can support people to contribute as themselves to the larger business personhood. 1) Know your mission and value beyond the written form; 2) Have clarity in communicating these two things

20:43: Use a Love / Loathe List to help your people get aligned and engaged in their roles

27:52: When personal brand misalignment drains and depletes people, they are more likely to leave a company. Organizations are losing good people because of this misalignment

28:10: The role of HR departments is to help employees find their personal brand

28:54: We need to take care of our people as people - not employees. This includes the CEO who is also a real person with human needs

33:07: Clarity comes when we give ourselves space!

33:27: If you want to get the best out of your people, then you have to know who they are as people

39:38: Hear Tracy's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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