Season 2: Episode 9: What if...businesses modelled doing different instead of doing more?
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What if....businesses modelled doing different instead of doing more with Kylie Woods, Chic Geek

Top takeaways:

5:05: Impact of COVID on event-based business models

5:35: Start with the question of what problem do we want to solve and who are we serving in the best way possible

6:00 - 6:58: The reality of how much mental and emotional resiliency is needed to adopt change

7:10: Effect on women in both for and not-for-profit businesses: research showing COVID has potential to set women back in the workplace with women in the workplace falling to 55%, its lowest since 1986

8:58: There's no timeline on how long it takes to pivot!

9:10: The importance of having funds set aside to support when pivoting is required

11:05: The need for different leadership models where 80 - 100 hours of working does not have to be the norm 

12:28: Comparison mode and why this inhibits leaders as we learn our own unique capacity levels. Doing more or doing different?

13:20: Why we need more women role models showing HOW they did things FOR them - Kylie's powerful vulnerability 

14:37: Kylie shares her compassion as a leader and why this is important to the success of a business, especially in a socially conscious one that relies on volunteers

16:34 - 17:50: Compassionate leadership and its importance for removing a predetermined understanding of "ideal leadership models"

18:33: The challenge of integrating compassion into our businesses. This often starts with compassion for ourselves

21:00: The commitment to being compassionate to others opens the door for us to be compassionate with ourselves

22:26: What can business look like with a socially conscious/conscious capitalist outlook from the ground up

23:20: Women must step into making profit and be unapologetic about it

24:58: Why non-profits need the business savvy in addition to their heart. The power of cross-pollinating the heart and business for profit minds

26:02: Jacquette Timmon's podcast reference: What you should know about capitalism before you destroy it 

26:48: Collaboration - it's not about one OR the other. It's about AND.

27:42: Kylie's advice for young leaders who are just starting out. Hint - it starts by going inward first

30:30: We very rarely are starting back at square one. We have the tools and experiences to support us, even in completely NEW spaces. What does compassion then look like in everyday practices knowing this!

35:15: Hear Kylie's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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