Season 2: Episode 7: What if...businesses engaged with a visual stylist??
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What if....businesses engaged with a visual stylist? with Crystal Reynolds, Crystal Ink

Top takeaways:

10:51: There's power in not having all the answers, but knowing the questions to ask in order to find them

11:12: Team collaboration is crucial for having a successful end product - including design

12:01: The visuals of a business' personhood comes from knowing how to find your look and feel so the visual represents YOU in YOUR industry, allowing you to easily be recognized

12:46: Design is the visual representation of who you are, what you stand for, and what matters to you. It is an introduction to you

14:42: People can always tell if you've haphazardly thrown together a design

14:54: Comic Sans is designed for COMICS! It should not be used anywhere else!

15:17: Your design has to connect with who is looking for you because they will miss you otherwise. 

16:74: You want to be approachable and comfortable for WHO you want to reach

17:36: Design creates the welcome mat to your business

18:43: Crystal shares what happens to the business when there is a disconnect between the design, the story, and the community

20:38: Business as a person gives it a sense of purpose, which translates into what the business itself can do

21:37: There are ways to be intentional with your design so that it works for all people in the business

22.16: A good creative will not tell a business what to do. They'll hear the impact you want to make and translate this into visuals to connect with people where they are

24:06: We must remove our ego to know when we need help with visual representation

26:00: The reason businesses need to be a part of the design PROCESS to understand where we begin and where we end up to ensure there is full connection and engagement with the design

29:13: Consistency in design use build trust

30:33: Hear Crystal's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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