Episode 9: What if...businesses kindly allowed crappy days?
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What if....businesses kindly allowed crappy days with Luanne Whitmarsh, ARBI (Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured)

Top takeaways:

4:24: Great leaders equal great teachers. 

7:04 A business is a reflection of the people; both those who are the recipients of its services and those within the business itself. Meaning - if there is a negative feeling from the business, it's often from the top down. This trickles down, resulting in a sick business. You FEEL this in a business.

9:09: Do you know what actually DEFINES the health of your business? And how can you do this with the ebbs and flows of life?

11:09: It's okay to have a crappy day...and acknowledge this. This allows you to then:

  • Get support via programs, people, and so on to address your own inner story
  • Teach your team to do this (simply by doing it yourself)
  • Allow "off" days to happen. And then move forward.

13:28: It should not challenge you to answer "am I true to my mission?" If it does, this is an opportunity to dig into WHY and what can be done about this.

  • Luanne's analogy of "knickers in a knot" provides a great visual!

14:05: What does a business that is KIND in purpose look like? 

  • Involves checking all ego at the door
  • Identifying how this business helps our fellow citizens - our community. 

16:34 - 18:21: Being kind as a business starts with three steps:

  1. If you're a good listener...listen to yourself
  2. If you want to be a good person...be good to yourself
  3. If you want someone to be good to you...be good to them.

This allows us to start from the basics of being a child who simply trusts and loves again. It becomes about changing the standards of what it means to be a kind, impactful leader.

20:26: Leaders should not set themselves up as completely separate from their teams

21:24: Mental health is something that happens TO us...but it doesn't have to be ABOUT us. We don't have to "live with it" we can work it!

22:19: Must first rebalance our business personhood before we can continue forward

23:11: Who are the people who have your answers? It's your workers. They always do. Ask them

24:21: Difference between eustress and duress. Stress has its place...it's not bad. But we must know its place and purpose

27:54: Power of observation as a leader. It's crucial to use your eyes and not be blind to what is truly going on. 

33:14: hear Luanne's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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