Season 2, Episode 1: What if...businesses prioritized mental health the same as physical health?
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What if....businesses prioritized mental health the same as physical health with Juliet Meskers, Mental Health Global Network

Top takeaways:

5:43: Juliet provides the definition of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

7:58: Friends 4 Friends, University of Delaware. The story of how Mental Health Global Network came into being.

11:22: Why include mental health as a priority for your business and how businesses can begin to prioritize mental health on an equivalent level to that of physical health.

14:40: If your employees are not functioning at their full capacity, then neither is your business.

15:15: Statistics regarding mental health in the workplace (US States):

  • 200 million workdays lost / year due to depression
  • The average individual takes 10 days off / year because of depression or anxiety
  • these numbers impact INDIVIDUALS, which impacts the business, which then impacts the greater economy...circling back and creating stressors in our monetary-focused society

19:30: Tools for leaders to support their team's mental health:

  1. First - lead the conversation that mental health matters AND exists. This shows that mental health does not make one weak. It allows people to know they will be safe and supported to share and will not lose their job because of a mental illness
  2. Take affirmative action between your community members and health care providers, helping to provide resources and share the signs of a mental health break

27:26: The impact that awareness within the younger generations entering the workforce today is having on the business world

31:40: Mental health education SAVES LIVES. Period.

32:49: We are more likely to witness a panic or anxiety attack in our office than a heart attack. 

33:57 - 34:50: 1 in every 5 individuals suffers from mental illness. The impact of early education on physical first aid has shown to decrease the stats of cardiac arrest. If we see the impact that early physical education can have, why are we not implementing the same early education for mental health first aid?

38:14: Hear Juliet's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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