Season 2: Episode 4: What if...businesses chose to embrace their blank canvas?
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What if....businesses chose to embrace their blank canvas with David Schmeikal, The Gyst Life; Bear and Unicorn Creative Co. Inc.

Top takeaways:

11:06: The process of learning that knowing "that's it" is an ongoing process of exploring what doesn't work to know what does

11:46: Rejection is just PART of our journey

17:11: We need to set the foundation for what we envision. This takes courage and bravery and knowing they are different, yet both required to make progress

19:39: The power of trusting your quiet gut as you continue to ask, "is this it?" and then listening if something is missing

23:32: Stability comes from strong foundations

25:20: Even strong foundations diminish over time. We need to strengthen and reinforce them as we continue to evolve as human beings

27:16: Leaders must be willing to go inward and understand who they are, how they operate, and why this allows them space for growth in curiosity

29:49: How you can go inward without scaring yourself out of the inner conversation comes down to courageously looking inward and asking 1) who do I want to be known as and know myself to be; 2) What kind of person do I want to be?

31:44: There is NO SUCH THING as "getting it right"

33:46: The funny thing about mountain tops...and now what. Having the choice to DECIDE if we want to go further

36:54: Cultivate cultures with people who want to continue to go for more mountain tops

37:41: Are you hikers or climbers in your business as this impacts the directed effort of you and your people within your business personhood

39:56: Leaders - if you commit to getting to know your people, you know the key things that will help to promote or hinder your business. This empowers your people and allows you to create possibilities WITH your people

42:36: We are scarce in this one key thing - TRUST. How can you built it so it doesn't crumble?

45:16: How can we be less fickle as leaders...and as humans?

46:19: There's power in intentionally freeing ourselves from our baggage to create space for something new to show up.

51:21: Do you want to have more TEA (Time, Energy, Attention - our finite resources)? Be careful where you drink your tea.

53:42: Hear David's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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