Episode 7: What if...businesses added of bit of EQ to their IQ for real organizational excellence?
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What if....businesses added a bit of EQ to their IQ for real organizational excellence? with Sandra Crozier-McKee, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Speaker

Top takeaways:

6:36: A business of excellence is clear on their values, principles, and who they are as a person. They understand that they are the sum of their parts.

7:57 - 9:42: The best businesses are a combination of EQ and IQ

  • A surgeon can have the best skills...but if they cannot regulate their emotions on a bad day, do you really want them operating on you?

10:35 - 16:36: What exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

  • Daniel Goleman: responsible for bringing the term into everyday lexicon
  • Self-awareness - understanding what your emotions are
  • Self-regulation - understanding what's appropriate for your emotions
  • Social behaviour - not discussed in this episode
  • Motivation - ETHICAL motivation. Within a company, this often relies upon a strong vision, mission, and values IN ACTION
  • Empathy 

17:39: Empathy and leaders - how to balance the empathy for the people on the team with the realities of running a business

20:57: Leaders have feelings too. You cannot be empathetic without showing the gaps in your own armour

27:46: the PERSONAL vision of the leader is what often dictates the vision and mission of the overall organization. This comes from the top BUT is supported from the bottom.

  • The vision and mission attract people who share the same vision and approach to life. 

29:27: STOP for a moment. Imagine your business without your PEOPLE today. Not the positions...but the people. How does that change your business and role as a leader?

29:52: I/R Theory (Identity/Role Theory).

  • Discover the power of removing the role titles we have. What's left is our identity. This is always a 10 (out of 10)
  • Dive into why we're so connected to people in helping us define our roles

32:32 - 34:25: EQ of a business can be intentionally developed by choosing to focus and create positive neural pathways

  • This often comes from increasing our vocabulary of emotional words. We need to do this for many reasons. One, in particular, is younger generations are being taught EQ earlier and bringing this understanding into the workforce. Businesses without EQ will be unable to attract or retain this generation.

35:52: Where to start developing your EQ. Your business VISION, asking:

  • Is this a strong vision?
  • Are we actively living and working towards this every day?
  • If not, where's the gap from what we're doing to where we want to go?

36:32: Tylenol Case study and the power of their vision. At a massive loss, recalled product that was harming population because vision said that they, "did not do harm." By recalling, they were able to:

  1. Create a new and different product (tamper-proof bottles)
  2. Made the product safer to sell
  3. People came back as customers because of the values and vision that were shown in ACTION

38:45: hear Sandra's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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