Season 4, Episode 11: What if....businesses invested in driving passion?
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What if....businesses invested in driving passion? with Kira Day, The Passion Centre

On this episode, we dive on in and learn:

  • What cold workplace cultures drive over their people
  • The impact of functioning in alignment versus functioning in fear
  • How our childhood experiences shape our beliefs in what we can "have"
  • Passion focuses on what is meaningful to the individual and whether or not they're able to express this in the world
  • The Passion Formula: Passion = Meaning x Investment (P = M x I)
  • What drives meaning
  • You cannot find passion. You have to activate it from within
  • What passion drivers are via the study Kira and her team conducted
  • What parameters impact your ability to feel passion
  • Angela Duckworth links passion with sustainable performance over time
  • Kira's Passion Study identifies the internal and external passion drivers
  • Passion is a holistic experience which is dependent upon the emotions scale
  • How our emotions are hardwired into our physical experience of passion
  • People develop emotional diversity based on how they're wired and how they've been allowed to express these emotions/passion
  • To ask what is driving our passion
  • What is influencing our access to our passion
  • Passion is energy positive, whereas an absence or imbalance of passion is energy negative
  • Passion is personal
  • Kira's answer to "What if...businesses realized that they are people too?" (33:46)

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