Episode 6: What if...businesses decided to first give, rather than make people earn respect?
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What if....businesses decided to first give, rather than make, people earn respect with Judith Virag of Clean Club Calgary.

Top takeaways:

6:38: Judith shares the 2 things missing in her business that, when added, transformed in

  • Professionalism - which boils down to respect
  • Fun

7:22: Respect - there are two ways of giving it. One is to make people earn it. The other is to simply give it with trust. When we simply give it with trust, THIS is what begins to make a business human because we see our team, our people, as such.

8:58: How can leaders add more "human" back into their business and leadership

  • Continuously be learning. Stay open-minded - particularly if you're working with people. Which...we all are
  • Know your industry and how your business operates as a person within it. This includes staying up to date on your industry.

11:20: Judith's shares how she hindered her own business for years and what she did to stop being her biggest hurdle

  • Big takeaway - get a coach. This helps to remove the isolation leaders feel while creating accountability.
  • Just TRY. Always try your hardest. Whether this is showing respect to customers AND also your people, along with being willing to jump in and do what you are asking your people to do. 
  • Be grateful. Show your team that by working together, you're all making a bigger impact.

14:53 - 18:38: Connection - face to face connection, building trust between people

  • Create moments for your team to connect and show them appreciation
  • Judith speaks to Brene Brown's Dare to Lead and the power of physically writing down and then sharing together what each person is grateful for and why

21:21: Promoting from within is great...but not always the right move

  • Hear Judith's lesson on how she learned that just because one has great skills as a cleaner, does not mean they have the personality to be a manager. 
  • This is about giving the people the right skills while also making sure you have the right person in the right position so the whole business personhood can thrive! b

23:52: hear Judith's answer to what if...businesses realized that they are people too?

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