Markets Crashing?! Stocks to Watch for Tomorrow - Friday Oct 16 - The Stock Market Show E09
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Welcome to The Stock Market Podcast by Sharique Samsudheen.
We meet here every day at 8.30pm to discuss, analyse, and learn everything about the stock market.   
We start the day by analysing the Nifty & Bank Nifty levels and go on to talk about top news for the day. We also discuss stocks to watch for tomorrow.    

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How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by
How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by
Christopher M. Uhl, CMA
🆕 Are Great Entrepreneurs Born Or Made with Mike Simmons
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Cryptocurrency India Weekly
Cryptocurrency India Weekly
Crypto Dost
Cryptocurrency Bill may not be tabled in the current Parliament session+Shaktikanta Das voices concerns about crypto+more crypto news
Here are the top cryptocurrency news headlines from India this week: Cryptocurrency Bill may not be tabled in the current Parliament session: ; RBI governor Shaktikanta Das voices concerns about cryptocurrency: ; SEBI wants promoters to sell crypto before IPO: ; Big bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala says Bitcoin must be banned in India: ; Custom officials stop imports of hardware wallets; Many Indian techies getting paid in crypto: ; State Bank Of India joins JPMorgan’s Blockchain Network: ; Unocoin adopts blockchain-based Unstoppable Domains: ; CoinDCX lists DOGE and MATIC in its INR market; Video Recommendation: Crypto Traders Received Income Tax Notice, What to Do:
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Charting Wealth's Daily Stock Trading Review
Charting Wealth's Daily Stock Trading Review
Today’s Stock, Bond, Gold & Bitcoin Trends, Tuesday, March 2, 2021
If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved. – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Here at Charting Wealth, we focus on the reality of price movement by following trends. We teach you a simple and effective method to read stock charts, keep your emotions in check and learn when to buy and when to sell. Charting is your road map to the market and the riches it can offer. Forget the hype you see and hear in the financial news media. They are selling products in print ads and commercials. Focus on what is real, no matter how hard it can be to believe! Otherwise, you become a sucker or worse, a slave, to the delusion someone else wants you to believe. Use the lessons we teach every day to accurately chart any stock, commodity or ETF. We give you daily, real life lessons with the four ETFs we track: S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, 20-Year Treasury Bonds and Gold. We have all the tools you need to learn how to trade. For subscribers, we have a GREAT TRAINING VIDEO to SUPERCHARGE your practice trading: “The Trend Is the Key.” If you are not a subscriber, become one! Subscribe for FREE to our daily market reviews & training at We urge you to "Follow the charts, NOT the noise!” and want to help you follow the market and improve your knowledge of stock and ETF movements. Support our work at PATREON and receive GREAT benefits (training, gifts, etc...): Buy our book, Charting Your Way to Wealth, and our Stock Trader’s Journal at Learn more about our book, Charting Your Way to Wealth, at Learn more about our Stock Trader's Journal at Our TRADE WORKSHEET to track your practice trades: Our DAILY MARKET WORKSHEET is available at Our WEEKLY MARKET WORKSHEET is available at Receive our STOCK ALERTS via TEXT when WEEKLY VERTICAL CROSSOVERS occur. Very valuable information! Less than 8 texts a month. Text “chartingwealth” to 33222 on your cell phone. Do you have the link to our stock chart layout? If not, FIRST go to, REGISTER and set up a FREE account. When you are ready to get serious about charting and move from Free Stock Charts up to TC2000 (with any of the three plan choices you receive a $25.00 discount) click here: For TC2000 subscribers, here is the link to the Charting Wealth layout you see every day on the show: Have you watched our 15 minute “How to Read a Stock Chart” video? If you are serious about stock trading and investing, this is a "must watch” training. Here’s the link to the FREE, exclusive video: At, every day the market is open, we chart the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Gold & Bonds. In just a few short minutes, we give you a valuable training update and quickly review the trends we see taking place in the market. At the end of every week, we give you an overview of what happened over the last five days and what's on the calendar for the next trading week. DISCLAIMER: We offer NO advice and make NO claims to expertise of any kind. This site is dedicated to knowledge and education through our stock chart training, reviews and other information -- nothing more.
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Beginner Trading 101 with J.R. Calcaterra Podcast
Beginner Trading 101 with J.R. Calcaterra Podcast
J.R. Calcaterra - Influencer | Mentor | Shaper
Beginner Trading 101 with J.R. Calcaterra Podcast Season 1 Episode 15 End of Day Trading Strategy for Beginners
* Episode Description* End of day trading strategy is a far superior stress-free and relaxed trading strategy for investing and trading that yields less risk and much more reward potential than the rapid-paced, mentally draining high-frequency trading intraday strategies. End of day trading strategy is the *easiest fastest* trading method any beginner can learn fast and make money with right away when they first get into trading. If you want a trading strategy that really works and a trading strategy with the *highest win rate for beginner traders* the end-of-day strategy is for you.  Beginners can use the end of day trading strategy in trading Forex, trading futures, trading stocks, or trading commodities, it works in any asset class. *Please share my podcast and links with all your social media contacts and friends* who are just beginning their journey into the business of making money with money, and let your beginner trader friends know about Beginner Trading 101 with J.R. Calcaterra Podcast they will love you for saving them a lot of time, stress *and money*.​ Beginner Trading 101 with J.R. Calcaterra Podcast is uploaded to all your favorite listening sites at 10 am every Sunday. Bookmark it so can listen to all the latest content. Find J.R. Calcaterra at his main blog: Check out my Patreon: Support the show (
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