Surrendering to the deep feminine and letting go of the old with Koya Webb
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Welcome back to the Soul Surgery podcast. 

We return with another episode of our Surrender series where I dive deeply into my guests’ greatest points of surrender.

This week I am joined by the wonderful Koya Webb. Koya is an internationally recognised yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker and vegan activist. Her core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco-friendly living. She is a force for love and healing.

In this episode we talk about surrendering into the feminine – coming out of the place of knowing and into a place of listening. This is a powerful discussion for all beings, showing how we can come to a place of feeling, softness and nurturing.

Koya shares how in the process of writing her book to share what she had learned with her readers, she was gifted with the opportunity to really learn the lessons she needed to in order to heal at the deepest level. It was an invitation for her to surrender even further into the feminine and find her true power.

Episode Highlights:

· We are being invited to step out of our knowing and our survival into a space of feeling and vulnerability.

· We are the solution and the key to our own healing.

· We are all in a constant cycle of shedding the old so we can birth the new, we can’t hold onto the way things were as they are in a constant state of change.

· We hold onto the past because it is painful to transition into someone new, but when we acknowledge and can go through that pain and fear we open ourselves to love, growth and expansion.

· Being willing to be vulnerable and open up about our fears and struggles we invite others to do the same. This is where we can connect and create space for collective healing.

If you too feel ready to re-create your relationships or your life by breaking free of old patterns on a holistic level, across mind, body and soul, I invite you to order my book SURRENDER.

SURRENDER will walk you through a life changing process of maturation. Of breaking free of the vicious cycle of repeated stuck patterns, stories and belief systems, trauma and ancestral wounds.

It’s more than just a book. It’s a guide through a deep healing journey of SURRENDERING of who you are NOT so that you can unfurl into who you were BORN TO BE.

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