Learning to receive what I said I wanted with Emma Mumford
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Welcome to another episode of the Soul Surgery podcast and our Surrender series where I dive deeply into my guests’ greatest points of surrender.

This week I am joined by the wonderful Emma Mumford. Emma is an award-winning life coach and mentor, bestselling author, speaker and the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert.

In this episode Emma shares how at her lowest point, when she was suffering from depression, in debt and coming out of a bad relationship, she had a spiritual awakening where she realised she needed to surrender the control she felt was necessary in all aspects of her life. This pivotal moment led her to realise the patterns that had been living her life and keeping her stuck. It was also the point where she discovered the power of manifestation.

We discuss how much as human beings we can push away the very things we want the most if they don’t fit in with the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of in our lives. But when we can begin to relinquish the control we seek to have over our lives we can begin to heal what we have been resisting all along.

Make sure to share your biggest takeaways and aha moments in the comments.

Episode Highlights:

· We all experience repeating patterns throughout our lives and often we identify with them to the extent that we believe this is who we really are.

· The work to overcome these patterns involves seeing where in our past we have made decisions that helped us to survive difficult, painful or confusing experiences. These decisions create the story of what is possible and available to us.

· Sometimes getting the things we want feels like the hardest thing for us to accept because it doesn’t fit into these stories.

· To truly live an aligned and authentic life we need to see beyond these stories and learn to trust.

· The key is in allowing ourselves to feel everything we have been resisting.

If you too feel ready to re-create your relationships or your life by breaking free of old patterns on a holistic level, across mind, body and soul, I invite you to order my book SURRENDER.

SURRENDER will walk you through a life changing process of maturation. Of breaking free of the vicious cycle of repeated stuck patterns, stories and belief systems, trauma and ancestral wounds.

It’s more than just a book. It’s a guide through a deep healing journey of SURRENDERING of who you are NOT so that you can unfurl into who you were BORN TO BE.

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