All About PR
All About PR
Oct 12, 2022
S3 Ep12 : The Eternal PR Triangle – Client, Agency and Media
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The Eternal PR Triangle – Client, Agency and Media . This is a triangle that is often the point of almost all discussions in any PR meet up. We obsess, stress and are almost possessed with trying to bring a suitable balance to this triangle. An equilateral is preferred. Yet to manage this against a backdrop of an everchanging PR landscape is not an easy feat. Much like the elusive omega particle this is rare and requires almost near perfect conditions. And even If it is achieved, to stabilize it is another feat.

Yet, we try. Everyday. Today we have with us Praveen Singh, Founder of StrategyVerse Consulting who will speak to us about this elusive triangle and help all three parties arrive at a common consensus of working together in a more cohesive manner and achieving the equilateral status.

Praveen runs a successful communications agency that's helping clients connect with their target audience by keeping things strategic yet simple. Armed with 17-years of experience in journalism, corporate communications and public relations, he leverages his diverse experience to identify challenges in communications with a very unique lens.

Hit play and know more about how you can find a balance and start creating one for the entire industry as well.

Season 3 Episode 12

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