Plays by Mahmud
Plays by Mahmud
Apr 16, 2021
Purpose and enjoyment with Andrew Millar | #5 The Next Angle
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Andrew Miller is the founder of Business Enjoyment , where he helps people to overcome whatever is preventing them from enjoying their work. His background is as an accountant at KPMG. Even better, he was an insolvency practitioner. Now that’s guaranteed to stop the conversation at a dinner party. What many people don’t realise is that the role of an insolvency practitioner is actually to run businesses. When a company goes bust, the directors lose their powers and a firm of accountants is appointed to run the business. And that was Andrew. His job was to run and sell businesses for 17 years.

He got involved with every industry you can think of, from building oil rigs to making dog food. And he had to know about everything. From  negotiating with customers to making sure the photocopier agreement was in place. At the same time, Andrew got more involved with leading and motivating teams at KPMG. His role was as the go-to person for any problems people had. So, as well as dealing with pay rises, bonuses and appraisals, he had to help people with all sorts of things:

‘I’m pregnant’

‘I’ve just split up from my partner’

‘I don’t get on with my colleague / Our team isn’t working well together’

‘Can you have a word with Ian, because he smells’

And he discovered that he really enjoyed working with and helping people. Much more than his day job. He hadn’t considered coaching before, but someone pointed him in that direction, he explored it further and ended up becoming qualified as a coach. 

Andrew noticed two other things as he followed this journey. First of all, very few people actually enjoyed their job – including Andrew once he realized he had other options, hence why he left in 2010 and set up his own coaching practice. Secondly, working alongside business owners who were in the process of losing everything they had built up, he fully appreciated the emotional connection there is between a business owner and their business. Finally, he met a lot of business owners doing very well for themselves - and still experiencing stress and anxiety.

Surely, if you're not enjoying the thing that you're creating, what's the point? Thus the concept of Business Enjoyment was born. Andrew believes that business and life cannot be looked at in isolation. One impacts on the other and vice versa. Everyone should be able to enjoy work and life – at the same time - whilst getting the rewards that are important to them. Andrew says “When you get everything right, you still put in time and energy, but it doesn't feel like work. The whole thing feels effortless and a joy to do.”

Andrew is on a mission to change the way that success is measured in business, so that it reflects that it is about more than just money – and create a place where every business owner can get all they need in terms of personal and business development in order to create a business that they can truly enjoy.

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