S03E12: Un-stereotyping the female porn artist Ft. Kali Sudhra
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In this episode of our podcast, we are talking about something that we have all engaged with but are often stopping ourselves from talking about it. Porn as we know it is possibly the most consumed form of media out there. However, the vulgarisation of porn happens with this whole treatment of the form only for a titillating objectifying purpose. Most porn that is readily available is also made from an extreme white-cis-het male gaze, where female pleasure seems to be completely sidelined. However with the advent of ethical porn and feminist creators that landscape is slowly changing.

Joining our hosts Shriya and Sukanya in the final episode of this season is Kali Sudhra. Kali is a sex worker, writer, and educator. Kali has been dedicated to dismantling structures of white supremacy within feminism and challenging the gatekeeping of feminist spaces. The main focus of her work is exploring and presenting dissident sexuality, directly challenging white heteronormativity by using porn and various forms of sex work as a medium. Kali has performed in a number of XConfessions indie adult short films & is one of the most-watched performers on the site. In 2021 she co-directed XConfessions' first South Asian-themed movie 'The Saree Shop'. Tune in as we discuss what it is like to be a person of colour, a queer South Asian performer in an industry that is very strictly catering to a white-cis-het male audience.

Concept and communications: Japleen Pasricha  
Producer: Shriya Roy  
Hosts: Sukanya Shaji and Shriya Roy  
Cover Art by Shreya Tingal

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