We are Investing
We are Investing
Dec 31, 2020
How I Made $50K in One Month Via Stock Market Investing
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In this video, we go over the stock market investing strategies I used to make $50K from stocks in just one month!  

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This channel was created to document and share with the world, my investing strategies, goals, and progress. Another key factor of this channel, and the reason why it is called "WE are investing" is that we are a growing community of everyday investors and retail investors that learns and grows from each other. So stay tuned for more growth, more money, financial independence content, and some more content on the stock market and investing!  

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and I am not telling you to buy or sell any stock. Invest at your own risk and always do your own due diligence. I will not be held liable for any loses or gains occurred.   

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Stock Market Buy Or Pass? Jose Najarro
Stock Market Buy Or Pass? Jose Najarro
Mercadolibre Q4 Earnings Report, Time to buy? MELI Stock Price Growth.
Mercadolibre Q4 Earnings Report, Time to buy? MELI Stock Price Growth. Today We talk about Meli Earnings that can be found in their Investors relations. They are seeing strong growth all around their business from e-commerce and fintech revenue growth. Meli stock price was down on the earnings, is it going to keep going down, or time to buy this high growth stock? *A portion of this video is sponsored by The Motley Fool. Visit https://fool.com/josenajarro to get access to my special offer. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor returns are 605% as of 2/18/2021 and measured against the S&P 500 returns of 121% as of 2/18/2021. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. All investing involves a risk of loss. Individual investment results may vary, not all Motley Fool Stock Advisor picks have performed as well.* I do have a position in MELI  PATREON Self Taught Investor! https://bit.ly/3kgsUd3 SUBSCRIBE TO 2ND CHANNEL:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJvX23MIdSCqrnUH4H--UIQ Merch:  Self-Taught Investor https://bit.ly/3dLJr6g DISCORD GROUP!! https://discord.gg/wbp2Z9S Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/josenajarrostocks Twitter: https://twitter.com/_JoseNajarro Some of the questions I want to answer What are the best high growth stocks to buy in March 2021? what growth stocks to buy in March 2021? What Cheap Stocks to buy? What are good top growth stocks to buy? Top Stocks to Buy Now ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor.  All content provided on this channel, and my other social media channels/videos/podcasts/posts, is for entertainment purposes only and reflects my personal opinions.  Please do your own research and talk with a financial advisor before making any investing decisions. *
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Swing-Trading the Stock Market
Swing-Trading the Stock Market
Ryan Mallory
When To Short Stonks
When you see the market get really choppy, and then you see the selling start to pour in, when is the time to get short? How do you predict market tops? Here's the secret, you don't have to predict market tops to get short, instead a little bit of patience is what's necessary to get short at just the right time.  Whiskey: Old Forester Statesman Be sure to check out my Swing-Trading offering through Patreon that goes hand-in-hand with my podcast, offering all of the research, charts and technical analysis on the stock market and individual stocks, not to mention my personal watch-lists and regular updates on the most popular stocks, including FAANG stocks, Microsoft and Tesla. This is provided each and every week! Check it out now at: www.swingtradingthestockmarket.com 📈 START SWING-TRADING WITH ME! 📈 Click here to subscribe: https://shareplanner.com/tradingblock — — — — — — — — —  💻 STOCK MARKET TRAINING COURSES 💻 Click here for all of my training courses: https://shareplanner.com/academy - The Winning Watch-List — https://shareplanner.teachable.com/p/the-winning-watch-list - Patterns to Profits — https://shareplanner.teachable.com/p/patterns-to-profits - Get 1-on-1 Coaching — https://shareplanner.com/academy — — — — — — — — —  ❤️ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 📺 Click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/shareplanner?sub_confirmation=1 🎧 LISTEN TO MY PODCAST 🎵 Click here to listen to my podcast: https://anchor.fm/swingtrading — — — — — — — — —  💰 FREE RESOURCES 💰 Trading Tools: https://bit.ly/2FkClmF My Website: https://shareplanner.com — — — — — — — — —  🛠 TOOLS OF THE TRADE 🛠 Software I use (TC2000): https://bit.ly/2HBdnBm — — — — — — — — —  📱 FOLLOW SHAREPLANNER ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱 INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/shareplanner FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/shareplanner TWITTER: https://twitter.com/shareplanner STOCKTWITS: https://stocktwits.com/shareplanner TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@shareplanner *Disclaimer: Ryan Mallory is not a financial adviser and this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser before making any decisions.* --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/swingtrading/support
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Stocktwits After Hours
Stocktwits After Hours
Stocktwits, Inc
Rocket Mortgage, The Next MemeStock?
Today on After Hours: - Rocket Mortgage, The Next MemeStock? - Zoom Zipped Back and Filled the Gap - Is This The End of the Lockdown Stocks? - Dave Portnoy Partnered With A “Social Sentiment” ETF - Can FUBO Continue to Fly? ___This podcast reflects only the opinions of the hosts and is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security either in a self-directed ST Invest LLC account or any other account, and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision. Before making decisions with legal, tax, or accounting ramifications, you should consult appropriate professionals and/or investment adviser for advice that is specific to your situation. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Keep in mind that while diversification may help spread risk, it does not assure a profit or protect against loss. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities or other financial products. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing. The price of a given security may increase or decrease based on market conditions and customers may lose money, including their original investment. All third party information provided in this podcast is not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision and does not reflect the views of ST Invest LLC, StockTwits, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. Third party information referenced in this podcast has been obtained from sources that are generally deemed to be reliable, but their accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Stocktwits, Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the podcast. The use of or reference to third-party information in this podcast shall not be construed as an endorsement by or affiliation with the third-party information providers or their services. This podcast should not be copied, distributed, published or reproduced, in whole or in part. If you have any comments or questions, please contact rrosenberger@stocktwits.com
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The Next Multibagger
The Next Multibagger
Kenny Ohata
Spire Global (NSH) Stock: Space-based Data and Analytics
Sorry about the audio quality, it'll be fixed in the next episode*  Spire Global, Inc. ("Spire" or the "Company") a leading global provider of space-based data and analytics, and NavSight Holdings Inc. ("NavSight") (NYSE: NSH), a special purpose acquisition company, today announced they have entered into a definitive merger agreement for a business combination that would result in Spire becoming a publicly listed company.  Spire collects space-based data using a proprietary constellation of multi-purpose nanosatellites called LEMUR (Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver). The Company’s software analytics generate proprietary data, insights and predictive analytics for its global customers through a subscription model. Spire monetizes this information across a broad and growing number of industries including weather, aviation, maritime, and government, with global coverage and near real-time data that can be easily integrated into customer business operations.  Spire is also pioneering an innovative "space-as-a-service" business model. Leveraging the Company’s fully deployed infrastructure and large-scale operation, customers can operate their own payloads on orbit through Spire’s API and can begin receiving data in less than a year and a simple subscription agreement.  From Imagery to Insights: The Commercial Case for Geospatial Intelligence  (http://interactive.satellitetoday.com/via/august-2020/from-imagery-to-insights-the-commercial-case-for-geospatial-intelligence/)  Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 0:48 News Report 1:22 From Imagery to Insights Article 2:34 Company Overview 7:57 Financials 12:45 Closing --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thenextmultibagger/support
15 min
Financial Education Podcast
Financial Education Podcast
Financial Education
3 STOCKS TO BUY NOW - March 2021
Application form to apply & try and get in my Private Stock Group/Financial Fortress  https://financialeducationjeremy.com/20 Holy Smokas This Ain't No Jokas! One of my favorite videos to make is the 3 stocks I'm buy now videos.  So today I am going to talk to you about 2 for sure stocks that I am going to buy and 3 maybe stocks that I might buy.  Not only will talk to you about these stocks that I'm buy now but I will talk to you about exactly why I'm buying these stocks.   Like always always do your own research when buying a stock. Do not buy a stock just because I am or anyone else is.  Do your own due diligence.  I will also tell you how much I am planning on buying of these stocks.  I will show you exactly how much of each stock I already own as well.  Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy making this video for you guys! Please don't forget to smash! It is so important to smash! Leave me your opinion on these stocks in the comment section.  Do you own any of these stocks?  Do you plan on buying any of these stocks?  Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.  Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link   https://discord.gg/SVWd2qq  This is where you can chat for free with other investors in the stock market about individual stocks or things going on in the market. Enjoy! Want to see the stock I own? I will show you them all here  https://jeremystockportfolio.com/current How To Make Your First $100,000 in the Stock Market  https://financialeducationjeremy.com/portfolio-case-study?utm_campaign=1&utm_term=2&utm_medium=null&utm_content=20&utm_source=null   *My Instagram is : FinancialEducationJeremy Financial Education This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production Created by Jeremy Lefebvre  LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch!
28 min
How To Trade It
How To Trade It
Trading Strategy Guides
Factors That Impact Investing Success with Serge Berger, Ep #49
*Subscribe to **How To Trade It* Serge Berger is one of the first guests I had the privilege of interviewing and is THE first return guest on the show. Since the last episode, Serge is now part of a portfolio management business, Blue Marlin Advisors. They research, advise, and execute trades. Serge also runs The Steady Trader, where you can get daily trading tips based on his methodologies.  In this episode of How To Trade It, we discuss the importance of investing in the right asset class versus individual stocks. We talk about all of the factors that influence trading—including growth rate and timing—and where a new trader can get started. Don’t miss this wide-ranging educational discussion! *Subscribe to **How To Trade It* You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in... * [0:38] Serge is the first return guest on the show! * [3:00] What is an alpha type strategy * [4:27] How trading works with Blue Marlin * [5:47] The Steady Trader = Investment + trade alerts * [7:45] Where a trader should get started  * [12:30] Timing is always a factor * [15:59] Allocation in the right asset class * [18:46] The basis for their analysis * [25:28] Rebalancing and managing a portfolio * [29:18] How to get a FREE eBook Resources & People Mentioned * Get a Free eBook Connect with Serge Berger * Blue Marlin Advisor * The Steady Trader * Watch on YouTube * Follow on Twitter Connect With Casey Stubbs * Website: https://caseystubbs.com * YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TradingStrategyGuides * YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/caseystubbs * Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/caseystubbs * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradingStrategyGuides * LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/caseystubbs * Newsletter: https://financeandmarkets.com/ Support the show (https://caseystubbs.com)
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The Option Genius Podcast: Options Trading For Income and Growth
The Option Genius Podcast: Options Trading For Income and Growth
Allen Sama
How Fast Can You Start Trading For a Living - 96
Welcome back. Do you remember a song I don't know, when it came out? It was I think it was in the 60s or 70s or something and it goes something like one is the loneliest number one is the loneliest. Now I apologize for my singing. And I think I was off key. And I don't even think that's how the music goes. The melody goes to the song sounds probably off on that too. And I don't even remember what they were singing about. But the message of the song to me is that yes, one is the loneliest number. I think it was about something that guy was alone, he lost his girlfriend. But the point is, for me is that yes, when you have only one of anything in your life, you don't really have a backup plan. Right? So if it comes to income, you only have one source of income. If you lose that source of income, you're kind of stuck up the creek without a paddle, right? And so I was reminded of this today, I got an email from one of our members, and I wanted to read it to you, because he just got laid off. And he wants to know how he can replace his income with trading. It's crazy that we have so many people in this same situation, it's great that when you have a job, right, you have an income source, you want to get into trading, you don't really like the job or you really like your business or whatever you're like, oh, man, I wish this trading thing could work out, I could get it and you know, you you invest in one of our programs, and then you don't really follow through because life gets in the way. And I know how that goes. You know, it's really the why, right? You're why about trading wasn't strong enough until something happens. And he jars you away. You know, so you you might be driving along the street, you're not really paying attention to the road, and then all of a sudden the car comes out of nowhere almost hits you. And after that you're like the best driver all the way home. You know, just jars you in. So this is a normal occurrence. But the older you get, or the longer you've been in a job, the chances of being laid off are increasing. Unfortunately, it's just the nature of the work ethic. And so you really need to have that backup in place. And unfortunately, for a lot of people, they're not ready with the backup plan when they get laid off. So here's Todd's email, says: Hello, Allen, I'm going through a live change your opinion, I'm currently a member of your programs joined almost a year ago have not been able to devote enough time due to work and family obligations. (Totally understandable). I'm an engineer and work in the construction industry for a health care organization. I read your book, listen all your podcast sessions at least once while going to work. Oh, thank you for that. Last week, I was laid off from my job. And now I'm trying to decide my next moves. My wife works full time and we have funds to carry us along for a couple months. But I will need to replace my income fairly soon. and relieve the stress on my wife. As an aside, yes, that's very, very, very important. Because you're not, you know, when you get laid off, you're not the only one that's suffering, the whole family suffer, especially the other spouse, because that person has to carry the load, right? They're not used to carrying the full load. Now they have to carry the full load. And then they also have to worry about you and your mental status and the pressure on them you also have to worry about so you don't want to add divorce to your problems. So be very, very careful about how your spouse is handling the situation. Make sure you give them enough time, enough attention to leave their pressure, take some of their work, you know their homework or whatever their work is off their plate while you can. And if you're looking to go into trading, discuss it with your spouse, explain what you're doing with them. So they don't think that you're just sitting at home doing nothing all day playing with computers, watching TV. Okay, so that's a really important point. So let me continue. He says I'm trying to decide if I should jump back into the construction rat race again, so I can draw salary and benefits, assuming I can find another job fairly quickly. Otherwise, I would really like to immerse my time into your programs and start trading. I realized I have to get up to speed and take some time to learn your methods and develop my own trading plan. My main concerns are being able to learn your program soon enough, and being able to replace my income, I was making 120,000 a year, but need to replace approximately 5000 a month take home pay, I plan to start paper trading this week and scale up as I learn more eventually, I will have $250,000 in capital that I could scale up into an account, how realistic is it for me to replace my income? With the size of an account? I would appreciate your opinion in the comments. Thank you. So that's the email, I want to read to you what I wrote to him, and then I want to give you my thoughts on this and a little bit going a little bit more detail. So I told him, you know, hey, I'm sorry that this happened to you very, very sorry, my first thought was, hey, you need to get out of where you are, I know where he is, he's in a different state where things might be slowing down. So I'm like, Hey, you know, get out of there, get your butt here to Texas, because we can't find enough people to do construction. But that might not be possible. So I don't think the issue here is if you can generate 5000 from 250,000. The issue is how long it will take you to get there. And from what you wrote, this is me talking from what you wrote, it would be in your best interest, I believe, for you to get out of the job for now, as a fail safe. Okay, maybe not a full time thing, just something to bring in some guaranteed capital and keep the health insurance if possible, because that's a big concern for a lot of people. Trading when you are super stressed out, and you have to win is super hard. Trading already is very hard. But doing it with one hand timing on your back, it's much harder, while you are looking for the second job or even after you get the part time job, spend three to five hours a day on your trading. Do that with the courses and programs you already have, you should be able to have the skills to do it full time in a few months. But having the skills is different from being emotionally ready. So you're going to have to overcome that aspect as well. So if you can start with a smaller goal, say 1000 a month on $100,000 account, that would be a great place to start. And then you can scale it up from there. And then I told him because he's in the programs, I want to see you on the coaching call on Thursday, I want to see you and your paper trades in our groups, I want you to posting there, I want you to get critiques, I want you to get my opinion, my advice. And I want you to send me a bit I told him, Hey, I want you to send me your trading plan, and a concrete plan of how you expect to get to 5000 a month, including your asset allocation. And this is covered in whatever programs that he's already part of, you can do it. But having a job would relieve a lot of the pressure. But even with a job, 3-5 hours a day learning and trading. Because enough is enough screw these jobs, it's time to learn how to make it from trading. Okay, so that was my email to him. You know, you can let me know if what you think if I gave him the right advice or not, really, this brought me back to my situation. And how I got involved in trading full time was also being laid off. And I eventually ended up losing over $40,000 of my wife's money before I got serious turned it around. And I don't know if you know my story, but pretty much that was my story in a nutshell. But really, I was doing all kinds of training and losing money at it. Until really I sat down with my wife and we had like a, you know, come to Jesus moment and be like, Alright, I'm going to give myself three…
22 min
Charting Wealth's Daily Stock Trading Review
Charting Wealth's Daily Stock Trading Review
Today’s Stock, Bond, Gold & Bitcoin Trends, Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it. — Anonymous Here at Charting Wealth, we focus on the reality of price movement by following trends. We teach you a simple and effective method to read stock charts, keep your emotions in check and learn when to buy and when to sell. Charting is your road map to the market and the riches it can offer. Forget the hype you see and hear in the financial news media. They are selling products in print ads and commercials. Focus on what is real, no matter how hard it can be to believe! Otherwise, you become a sucker or worse, a slave, to the delusion someone else wants you to believe. Use the lessons we teach every day to accurately chart any stock, commodity or ETF. We give you daily, real life lessons with the four ETFs we track: S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, 20-Year Treasury Bonds and Gold. We have all the tools you need to learn how to trade. For subscribers, we have a GREAT TRAINING VIDEO to SUPERCHARGE your practice trading: “Every Indicator Can Fail.” If you are not a subscriber, become one! Subscribe for FREE to our daily market reviews & training at http://www.ChartingWealth.com We urge you to "Follow the charts, NOT the noise!” and want to help you follow the market and improve your knowledge of stock and ETF movements. Support our work at PATREON and receive GREAT benefits (training, gifts, etc...): https://www.patreon.com/user?u=14138154 Buy our book, Charting Your Way to Wealth, and our Stock Trader’s Journal at http://bit.ly/ChartingWealth Learn more about our book, Charting Your Way to Wealth, at http://bit.ly/2scxS0I Learn more about our Stock Trader's Journal at http://bit.ly/cwjournal Our TRADE WORKSHEET to track your practice trades: http://bit.ly/2p2kpK0 Our DAILY MARKET WORKSHEET is available at http://bit.ly/CWdmw5 Our WEEKLY MARKET WORKSHEET is available at http://bit.ly/2lWUAsy Receive our STOCK ALERTS via TEXT when WEEKLY VERTICAL CROSSOVERS occur. Very valuable information! Less than 8 texts a month. Text “chartingwealth” to 33222 on your cell phone. Do you have the link to our stock chart layout? If not, FIRST go to FreeStockCharts.com, REGISTER and set up a FREE account. When you are ready to get serious about charting and move from Free Stock Charts up to TC2000 (with any of the three plan choices you receive a $25.00 discount) click here: http://bit.ly/2DxPNY6 For TC2000 subscribers, here is the link to the Charting Wealth layout you see every day on the show: https://www.tc2000.com/~T8ylwf Have you watched our 15 minute “How to Read a Stock Chart” video? If you are serious about stock trading and investing, this is a "must watch” training. Here’s the link to the FREE, exclusive video: http://bit.ly/2a36nxx At ChartingWealth.com, every day the market is open, we chart the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Gold & Bonds. In just a few short minutes, we give you a valuable training update and quickly review the trends we see taking place in the market. At the end of every week, we give you an overview of what happened over the last five days and what's on the calendar for the next trading week. DISCLAIMER: We offer NO advice and make NO claims to expertise of any kind. This site is dedicated to knowledge and education through our stock chart training, reviews and other information -- nothing more.
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