Season 3, Episode 7 - Resilience with Nic Friedman of ALS Never Surrender
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In Season 3 of Carpe Diem Connections we're talking about the 10 Keys of Happiness as defined by Action for Happiness.  On this episode we talk about the Resilience of Steph Courdin and his work on ALS Never Surrender.  Our guest is Steph's son-in-law, Nic Friedman, who took over as CEO for ALS Never Surrender.  Nic describes the app that's being used to gather over one million data points of patient data from patients in clinical trials. 

Blog post:

Resilience is the trait that my friend, Craig Dunham, demonstrated, despite a diagnosis of ALS. It’s the trait that most inspired me to live with what I think of as a “Carpe Diem” mindset.

This week on my Carpe Diem Connections podcast, I talk to Nic Friedman, CEO of ALS Never Surrender, and son-in-law to Steph Courdin.

I got involved with the ALS Never Surrender non-profit a few years ago and was inspired by the founder, Steph Courdin, who gathered a group of colleagues and volunteers to create a mobile app that would collect valuable ALS patient progression data.

ALS patient, Steph Courdin, empowers research teams and inspires me to be resilient and live fully

In this week’s episode of Carpe Diem Connection, we’re talking about Resilience, the 7th Key to Happiness, according to Action for Happiness. Steph’s son-in-law, Nic Friedman, tells us the moving story of the history of ALS Never Surrender. As Steph noted in this video, though his app wasn’t able to save him, it may save the world.

Though Steph lost his battle with ALS in 2019, his work carries on through his family and the volunteer-run non-profit ALS Never Surrender. Tune in to this special episode of Carpe Diem Connections to hear more about the amazing progress that’s being made.

The unedited YouTube video interview with Nic can be found here.

We end with a reminder to live every day as Steph did – with intention, resilience, and a sense of awe and wonder at each sunset.

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