Yoga Nidra: Sleep
17 min

Calm your mind and restore your soul with a powerful yogic sleep meditation. You will be guided into the sacred space between sleeping and waking for a deeply nourishing and restorative practice. This yoga nidra is about getting a good nights rest and helping you fall asleep.

Organic Meditations Three by Kevin MacLeod



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Meditation With Christopher
Meditation With Christopher
Christopher Douglas Morrison
Shift To Slytherin House Guided Meditation 🐍| Hogwarts Shifting Meditation To House Slytherin 🍏💧
Shift To Slytherin House Guided Meditation | Hogwarts Shifting Meditation  . #slytherin #shifting #hogwarts. Hey everyone! Welcome to the new shifting to house Slytherin guided meditation, or the Hogwarts shifting meditation to house Slytherin. In this guided meditation you will be guided into a deep relaxed state where you will allow your brain to enter the theta brainwave state allowing you to have vivid, powerful visualizations. You will be whisked through a multidimensional portal to the Harry Potter universe into house Slytherin as a transfer student. You find out that it has been said in ancient texts that someone would appear from an entirely different universe (you) who will change the course of Slytherin history. Take a journey into the Hogwarts school of witchcraft & wizardry where you will make friends, fulfill a unique purpose that only you could, & discover your powers as the chosen prodigy that the Slytherin house has been waiting for, for centuries.  You will have to enter this parallel world to find out what else happens..... . . . # Shift To Slytherin House Guided Meditation, Hogwarts Shifting Meditation To House Slytherin, shift to hogwarts guided meditation, hogwarts shifting meditation, shift to house slytherin, shift to slytherin house, hogwarts shifting subliminal, house slytherin shifting meditation, guided meditation for shifitng to hogwarts, house slytherin, slytherin, draco malfoy, meditation with christopher shift, shifting meditation, shift to slytherin, hogwarts shifting, harry potter, shifting . . . SHIFTING - Raise Your Vibration Playlist - Guided Meditations With Christopher - The 7 Chakras Playlist - Spiritual Awakening Series - 5D Reality Playlist - Angel Numbers / Numerology Playlist - . . Instagram @meditationwithchris . 1 on 1 guided meditation services / law of attraction coaching --- Support this podcast:
36 min
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
Tabitha Farrar
Thanks for Listening!
I've not written a blog for months. I've been moving house, had little internet connection, and been generally busy, and tired. I'm glad that this past couple of weeks I had felt like I have the time and space to start writing again, so there will be blogs to come, soon. I wanted to put something down to express my gratitude for all of you who have listened to and supported my podcast over the past three years. I didn't think that it would go anywhere, or that anyone would really listen to it. Well, you did. So thank you. I've had such support for the podcast, that I feel extremely guilty about announcing that I will not be producing any more episodes. But, as I discovered in the last 6 months or so, feeling guilty about stopping is not a good enough reason to keep going. I'd rather than stop completely than keep it going, but only publish episodes sporadically. Podcasts are a lot of work. Finding people to interview, scheduling interviews, and editing audio after interviews. If I am quick, an episode may take 6 hours start to finish (including scheduling etc), but many episodes take more like 10. It is a time thing. It's not that I don't have time. I can always make time. These days, my "free" time — time to do absolutely nothing productive at all — is increasingly precious and glorious to me. I am growing less inclined to give it up. I'm more selfish about my time — unapologetically, I enjoy that I enjoy being just me, without being the 'doing stuff' me. This 'wanting to do nothing' is actually exactly something that scared me when I had anorexia. I was scared that if I allowed myself to rest, I would always want to rest. I would forget how to be productive. My 'value' would decrease. Because when I was sick, I thought my value was in my ability to never rest, and always be productive. (Which, if you think about it, in a famine, would be about right.) The wonderful thing about being human in a brain that doesn't have anorexia any more, doesn't perceive that resources are scarce, and therefore doesn't believe that value is in productivity, is that I have the freedom to see the real value of being human. I know that sounds incredibly deep and ridiculous, but it is true. The other night, I was going to make this podcast. I had an hour or so. I was making my way up my back porch steps, and one of the puppies followed me up and "pawed" me on the leg, asking for attention. Years ago, when my value was in being productive, I either wouldn't have noticed him, or I would have noticed him, and gone inside anyway. These days, I'm more inclined to sit on the floor and play with the dogs because they asked than I am to go inside and start editing audio. Sometimes it is a puppy. Sometimes it is a horse. Sometimes it is a pattern that the wind has made in the snow that I need to stare at. Sometimes, very often, it is snuggling with Matt. I never take for granted my recovered brain. A brain that allows me to see the value in happiness, and being human. Never, ever, take it for granted. I feel blessed to have known a brain in starvation mode, if only because it allows me to know the bliss of not being there. Anyway. That's my way of saying there will be no more podcasts. Just because it is the right time to stop. I appreciate you for listening.
7 min
The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community
The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community
Sara and Les Raymond
Season 2, Episode 25: Better Health begins in the Gut with Dr. Michael Ruscio
In this episode Les chats with Dr Michael Ruscio and explores a process based approach to discovering better health. Using an algorithm to direct your strategies can empower people to direct their own healing journey. Have you ever felt let down by the traditional medical framework? Many people don't just want a pill to suppress a symptom. If you are one of those people who wants to make positive changes but could use professional guidance on how to go about it, take a listen to this and take control of your health. About Dr. Ruscio: Michael Ruscio is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine. His research has been published in peer reviewed medical journals and he speaks at integrative medical conferences across the globe. Dr. Ruscio’s best-selling book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, has paved the way for a ‘start with the gut’ philosophy which has enabled doctors and patient to obtain improved outcomes with minimal expense and effort. He is leading the charge to make alternative medicine more affordable, effective and practical, through a pragmatic application of evidence-based therapies. Dr. Ruscio’s ability to objectively analyze medical literature has made him a trusted voice of reason, a voice he shares on his top-rated podcast and website. Connect with Dr. Ruscio: (YouTube) (Facebook) (Instagram) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Les and Sara on social media to stay up to date on the latest from The Mindful Movement: (INSTAGRAM - @themindfulmovementpodcast) (FACEBOOK) (YOUTUBE)  Join Sara from The Mindful Movement for this (FREE 4-Day Meditation Journey)! Start, deepen, or reignite your meditation practice with these four guided meditations. For more tips from Les on living intentionally, check out (the Mindful Tips Series). (Get in touch!) Support this podcast
1 hr 2 min
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Impact the World with Lee Harris
Lee Harris
Episode 49: Davor Bozic
This show speaks to trusting the process as a creator, the unexpected gifts of allowing things to unfold, arriving fully into your craft, and the joys of collaboration. Davor Bozic, celebrated Slovenian performer, musician and composer with a distinguished career in pop music, television and theatre spanning more than 30 years, is our very special guest. In addition to his work as a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer, Davor starred in TV Slovenia’s most popular family sitcom for 17 years. As the sound engineer and music composer for Lee Harris Energy, his extraordinary music now accompanies all audio recordings, videos, and this very podcast! The magical combination of Davor's music with Lee's channeling elevates the listening experience in a transcendent and powerfully poetic way - as members of our online community, The Portal, and anyone who has attended our live events around the world featuring Davor can attest. Alongside his work in music, he is a trained psychotherapist with a counseling office in Ljubljana where he works with individuals, couples, groups, and children. Lee and Davor's first album collaboration was Arise, released in 2014, and now they're celebrating the release of their newest album, Awaken. As dear friends and music partners, they share more about their unique and special journey of creating Awaken, their mutual creative obsession with sound and why they call it transformational music Davor also shares what life was like for him at the height of his pop success, how he learned about relationships during his time spent in America, his joy of learning and absolute love of art.  To learn more about the album: ( To learn more about the music: ( To learn more about the work: (
1 hr 12 min
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