[46] How to Eliminate I don't Have Time From Your Vocabulary
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I don't have time is a common phrase used by busy moms. But is it really that you don't have time?

Many times we are overwhelmed and feel like we can't even take care of our selves let alone do anything fun.

This does not have to be your reality. I have a special guest who is an expert in psychology that will help you eliminate I don't have time from your vocabulary.

And start doing the things that you enjoy more often. Check out this episode now.

To find the links and show notes head over to https://www.realhappymom.com/46

Key takeaways

  • Rephrase the way you talk about time.
  • When mom guilt creeps in, identify if its justified or unjustified guilt
  • Be careful how you talk to yourself. Especially when it comes to time.
  • Instead of saying I don't have time try saying it's not a priority.

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