[65] 4 Steps to Rise Above Overwhelm for Busy Moms
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Mom life can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be this way. I talked to Ranae in this episode about how we can rise about overwhelm and chaos in our lives. As an occupational therapist and advocate for moms, Ranae gets it. She has found strength beyond her own to navigate life's struggles. Through multiple miscarriages, experience with three kids, working mom life, stay at home mom life, and a husband with a brain tumor and seizures. In this episode, Ranae broke down her four steps for rising about overwhelm. To find the links and show notes, head over to realhappymom.com/65

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03:55 - Renae's take on losing our identity

08:09 - How Renae got started with her 4 step process for rising about the overwhelm

10:18 - Step 1: Priorities

16:12 - Step 2: Simplify

25:12 - Step 3: Delegate and Create a Team

35:17 - Step 4: Rhythm

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