This Week in Retro
This Week in Retro
Jan 14, 2021
TWiR Episode 22 - Game Boy Work Boy | SEUK 2021 | Acorn: A World in Pixels | The Lost Tomb Raider
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Story Links

1. A Long Lost Game Boy PDA

2. Wanted, games that SEUCK

3. A New Book Celebrating Acorn Computers

4. The lost Tomb Raider

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This Week in Retro is a weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil Thomas from RMC and John Shawler from Amigos Retro Gaming.

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Arcade Attack Retro Gaming Podcast
Arcade Attack Retro Gaming Podcast
Arcade Attack
The Craziest Consoles Part 1 - Plus a Sad Goodbye, For Now...
The end of an era?! Possibly? The end of the Arcade Attack podcast forever.....?! HELL NO! (Please excuse my language). Yup, we have some sad news to share to our lovely listeners! we are stepping back for a bit to recharge the batteries and go on a well deserved break! Please listen to the episode to hear our reasons before you start getting the flaming torches and pitchforks ready! Hopefully our last podcast for a while will keep you chomping and / or champing at the bit for our return! Here is the obligatory episode description: Part one of the craziest consoles to hit the market looks at 5 amazing machines! These include the Apple Pippin, The KFConsole, Pioneer LaserActive and a few more surprises along the way! And as this is part one, you can hold this as a guarantee WE WILL BE BACK! If you start having AA withdrawal symptoms, why not venture back to our full back catalogue and count how many times the words Zool, Zelda and Jaguar are uttered! Here is a nice link: Fancy discussing this podcast? Fancy suggesting a topic of conversation? Want to swear at us for leaving? Please tweet us @arcadeattackUK or catch us on All copyrighted material contained within this podcast is the property of their respective rights owners and their use here is protected under ‘fair use’ for the purposes of comment or critique.
1 hr 12 min
The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
264: Frak!, The X-Files, Ghostbusters II with Nick Pelling - The Retro Hour EP264
Frak! on Steam: Please visit our amazing sponsors and help to support the show: Bitmap Books Game Boy: The Box Art Collection: Get £5 off the £29.99 RRP for Acorn A World in Pixels - so £24.99, with free P&P to the UK using our discount code: RETROHOUR -  We need your help to ensure the future of the podcast, if you'd like to help us with running costs, equipment and hosting, please consider supporting us on Patreon: Get your Retro Hour merchandise: Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Bryce L Tomlinson (Visit the BroBryce64 channel on Youtube, home of Kaleidoscope Reloaded, for some Commodore Retro Fun), Edvin Helland, , Brian Condron, Bob Bazley, Fabrice Deville  Join our Discord channel: ( Facebook: Show notes:    Mortal Kombat trailer:'s unreleased Dinosaur Planet for N64 out in the wild: Sega arcade cabinet found abandoned: hacker speeds up a game: Adventure Literacy Jam:
1 hr 17 min
Trapped Under Plastic
Trapped Under Plastic
Scott & Jon
How Should Beginners Learn?
On this week's episode, Scott and Jon discuss tips for helping you and your friends learn miniature painting.  Support the Show on Patreon: Support the Show with Merch: Follow Jon: Follow Scott: Join the FB group: Listen to the audio versons: On patreon, we offer our patron's the ability to submit topics for us to discuss during a podcast, you get an extended version of the podcast, and you can submit miniatures for us to critique during an episode! Relevant Links Jon's New Chair: Not Just Mecha Youtube Channel: Podcast Scott was on recently: 52 Miniatures Youtube Channel: Teaser for new Zombicide: Warhammer Quest Elf: Extended Portion Links Jon's Favorite Mini: Scott's Favorite Mini: 00:00 Start 01:58 Preamble Ramble 12:57 What We Painted 27:51 Topic Discussion 1:10:54 News Support the show (
1 hr 24 min
Massively OP
Massively OP
Justin Olivetti
Massively OP Podcast Episode 311: The day the MMOs died
In this week’s show, Bree and Justin talk about the crushing news of Gamigo and BioWare's cancelations, Dungeons and Dragons Online's huge anniversary, Riot's MMO hiring spree, Blizzard's mobile Warcraft game, and how we can make MMOs "like they used to be." It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your question to the show, use this link or call in to our voicemail at (734) 221-3973. Show notes: * Intro * Adventures in MMOs: LOTRO, WoW Classic, Elder Scrolls Online, City of Heroes * News: BioWare halts development on Anthem * News: Gamigo cancels Twin Saga, Eden Eternal, Defiance, and Defiance 2050 * News: Dungeons and Dragons Online's 15th anniversary, mini-expansion, and mysterious teaser * News: Black Desert is under Pearl Abyss' control and is free for a time * News: Riot Games puts out a weird hiring call for its MMORPG * News: Is Blizzard making a mobile Warcraft game? * Mailbag: Week in Review subscription * Mailbag: Valheim and limited-size servers * Mailbag: Making MMOs like they used to be * Outro Other info: * Podcast theme: "Ninety-Niners" from Defiance * Your show hosts: Justin and Bree * Listen to Massively OP Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Player FM, TuneIn, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, Amazon, and Spotify * Follow Massively Overpowered: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitch * If you’re having problems seeing or using the web player, please check your flashblock or scriptblock setting.
1 hr 12 min
The Starting Zone: The World of Warcraft Podcast!
The Starting Zone: The World of Warcraft Podcast!
Episode #441: February Patron Q&A!
Welcome to The Starting Zone Podcast, The World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players! On this episode Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas asked their Patrons "What was your BlizzConline highlight?" on the February 2021 Patron Q&A! Episode #441: February Patron Q&A! is ready for Download! * I've heard estimates from May to August for patch 9.1, mostly due to the lack of 'in progress work' shown during Blizzconline, what is your best estimate of when it'll be out and why? * What would you guys most like to see as the final Diablo 4 class? * Do you think Arthas will play a larger role in this expansion? Have you heard about our Patreon? It’s a great way to support the show and goes towards making more content for you! Check it out here: Looking for to grab some great TSZ merch? Look no further than here! We’ve got the shirts, hoodies, mugs, pillows even stickers you want! The Starting Zone is produced by Spazbot Studios, Good Shows by Good People Visit them today! Are you looking for some AWESOME DEALS?!? Want to support our shows & Spazbot Studios? Well, you clicked on the right web page! We have some great deals lined up for you below, so check them out! Any purchase you make using the links & coupons below helps support our show! We have partnered with to bring you an AWESOME DEAL! Use the PROMO CODE “SPAZBOT” at checkout to get 15% off your NEXT purchase! That’s right, 15% off your next purchase of any order of $120.00 or LESS! What are you waiting for? Jinx makes shirts, hoodies, heck, even socks emblazoned with the LOGO of your FAVORITE Game! Visit them today by clicking the banner below! REMEMBER TO CLICK THE BANNER BELOW! Look Human is an apparel company with 100,000 unique and fun designs so you can express your unique identity. Whether you are a gamer, movie nerd, science geek, fitness nut, or just want to show off your general weird self... Use our promo code 'spazbot' to get ANY t-Shirt for 14.99! For some shirts that is nearly 50% their retail price. Holy Crap Balls. So, what are you waiting for? Go be you, and LOOK HUMAN today!
1 hr 26 min
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