Ep08: “Otherwise Good People” in Workplace Discrimination, with Shanaaz Gokool
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“First, in order for racism and discrimination to continue, you need silence. And the second is the 'Otherwise Good People' who won't stand up and support the target of the discriminatory behavior.”

Shanaaz Gokool, human rights activist and former CEO, is fighting for freedom from workplace discrimination – for herself, and countless others whose stories we don’t know, because they have been silenced and unsupported.

In this episode, Shanaaz courageously shares her personal story of discrimination, and gives practical ways that we can effect change, especially at the Board level.

Shanaaz also gives three tips for people who may be experiencing workplace discrimination, and invites you to contact her for more support: linkedin.com/in/shanaaz-gokool

In this episode:

We talk about:

  • How failing to share power, leads to failure of governance
  • Two things that are necessary for racism to continue (i.e. what not to do)
  • What happens when “Otherwise Good People” try to avoid taking sides (hint – there’s no such thing)
  • Why anti-discrimination is the Board of Directors’ responsibility, not just HR’s, and what they can do differently
  • The kind of discrimination story we need right now
  • Three tips for victims of workplace discrimination

Full transcripts available at:

Guest Bio and References/Links

Shanaaz Gokool is a life-long human rights activist and non-profit discrimination disruptor. She has been inspired to do social justice work primarily because of the rampant racism she experienced and witnessed growing up in Halifax-Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

She has held leadership roles in the private and non-profit sectors and is an emerging governance expert on workplace discrimination. 

As the former CEO of Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC), she ushered in a new national movement supporting assisted dying and other end-of-life issues re-framed as human rights issues. Under her leadership, DWDC emerged as a key player in Canada on assisted dying.

She currently has a wrongful dismissal, systemic racism and discrimination lawsuit pending against her former employer.

You can contact and follow her on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shanaaz-gokool

Links to the court filings:

Statement of Claim

DWDC Defence

Shanaaz's reply to DWDC

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