38.) Colleen Christensen: Eating Intuitively & living life with NO FOOD RULES.
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In this episode, Kylie & Sophie are joined by registered dietitian nutritionist & food freedom expert, Colleen Christensen. Colleen believes that eating should be easy & enjoyable- not cause guilt, stress or anxiety. Like many women, Colleen used to be obsessed with dieting, food rules and trying to shrink her body. She felt like she was at constant war with food: counting calories, feeling guilty over eating cake, getting anxious if she didn't "burn it off". Her past struggles have allowed her to grow as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and create the No Food Rules approach to intuitive eating & nutrition that has helped thousands of women break up with dieting and make peace with their bodies. She teaches these methods inside of the non-diet membership community, The SociEATy, and you'll find these methods discussed throughout her blog and on her YouTube channel.

Some topics that will be covered in this very informative and eye-opening episode include: Learning about intuitive eating, finding food freedom & ignoring diet culture, understanding food restrictions & when they're necessary, elimination diets, food & mood journals, gut health & it's connection with stress, tips for satisfying food cravings, tips for tackling anxiety driven by food & dieting, food guilt, gaining food independence & so much more!

You can find more on Colleen Christensen's work by visiting her Instagram page.

-CLICK HERE for Colleen's favorite mini-trampoline 

-CLICK HERE for Colleen's automatic coffee maker

-CLICK HERE for Colleen's favorite journal

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