Episode 6 - Bounce
30 min

At the age of 34, RamG Vallath was the youngest ever COO for Airtel before life handed a hard blow on this successful career professional. How did he pick the thread and reinvent himself to be the inspiration he is today is the highlight of this episode, “Bounce”. Ramgopal Vallath fondly called as RamG has embarked on a mission to touch a million lives positively. In this episode, RamG talks about the importance of a growth mindset, simple steps to practice and create a growth mindset through his life experiences. Keys for happiness and positivity. Listen to all of it and much more from the man who is a role model of redefining life!

  • Decoding growth mindset - 4:15
  • Being a keen learner  - 8:54
  • Reinventing oneself “mantras” - 16:07
  • Great leaders are coaches - 22:41
  • The secret of happiness - 27:12

Follow RamG on Twitter and his wonderful TED talk on Resilience. He can also be reached at ramgopal.vallath@gmail.com

An inspiring life journey of turning life around - https://yourstory.com/2017/02/ramg-vallath

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