Cognizant Talks
Cognizant Talks
Nov 17, 2020
How to study smart ?
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Welcome to yet another exciting episode of Cognizant Talks. It is about some of the phenomenal study tips based on psychology on the demand of the listeners. In this episode, the host of the show Nargis Parvaneh speaks about how you can get that interest back in studies which you have lost, she talks about some tips based on research which have been proven beneficial for many students. She also speaks about some tips based on her personal experiences. Altogether she has spoken about 10 study tips & elaborated them too. Following are  the tips which she has spoken about-

1) Positive Reinforcement


3)Writing notes in your own words.

4)Testing yourself

5)Taking breaks between study sessions

6)Use of different media

7)Finding your active hours of studying

8)Changing the subjects

9)Creating concept maps & flow charts

10) Getting enough sleep.

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Link for the video : Hijab-an armor for women

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Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak shah
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Win It With Vinit
Win It With Vinit
vinit kapoor
Creating Your Success Story
I must ask you all a common but pertinent question- What success means to you? Is it your dream job, having a lot of wealth, possessing everything that you have dreamt of or simply going to bed a happy & contented man each day. Well, you may have your own way of defining success & there is nothing wrong in setting a particular goal & telling yourself, “For now, if I hit this goal, I will call myself successful” & then go after it. But, you must know what this goal is going to add to your life once you get there. For example, if you work in a multinational company & climb the corporate ladder by giving 10 best years of your life & reach to a stage where you are still not sure whether you are happy with what you got in return, would you be called a successful man because you lead a luxurious life? If you have traded off your personal happiness for success in the corporate world, you have made a bad bargain, I suppose. Still, being successful is quite a subjective matter & it’s wrong to make a judgment about someone else’s success through your set perception about it. So, I leave it to your better judgment. Let’s try to find out some common ground which I term as ‘territory of success’. If you are asked to write your own story of success, what few things you should do so that you make a perfect landing on your ‘territory of success’. What are the important elements of ‘a success story’? In next few minutes I am going to state some of the most important pieces of this jig-saw puzzle called ‘success’. You need to ask yourself 5 questions & get the answers to decide exactly what you need to do to become really successful in life.
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