What are the Best Noises to Make While Pushing?
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I got this great email today with this question 

and while I was typing up an answer to respond to the question, 

I realized what I really need to do is make a podcast episode about this. 

So that’s what I decided to do. I did send my email with my written response, 

but here is an audio response, which I think will be more powerful.

Audio is obviously a better way to demonstrate pushing!


[00:00:52] It is normal to make or not make noises while pushing

[00:01:16] A Few Pushing Options

[00:02:09] Breathe Baby Out

[00:02:13] Grunting

[00:02:33] Roaring

[00:03:51] Swearing

[00:04:06] Calling on Heavenly Help

[00:04:26] Lower Noises are Better

[00:05:26] Holding your Breath and Bearing Down

[00:06:42] Be Flexible

[00:07:03] Low is Open and Down

[00:07:10] I hope you enjoyed these real life examples


Direct link to this episode show notes: https://enjoybirth.com/what-are-the-best-noises-to-make-while-pushing/

2 You Tube Videos on Pushing

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