Slam City
Slam City
Aug 5, 2020
Episode 140: Anything Barbacoa
Play • 1 hr 30 min
Gemini, Foxtrot, Burrito, and Arthur take their virtual seats at the Loud Table for another trip to Slam City. . Objectophilia, Savantophilia . How Was Your Week? . Burrito ordered a new desk chair . A Slam City gaming stream? . Burrito breaks down The Old Guard movie. . If you could have Uber Eats right now, what would you have? . Anything Barbacoa food truck where main ingredient in all of the menu items is barbacoa . Plant-based barbacoa, non-GMO, zero waste, 3D-printed, stem cells, blockchain, carbon neutral, renewable, organic, solar energy . Fire of the Four Suns hot sauce . What I Had For Lunch – macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, barbacoa breakfast tacos, pizza . Time Travel with GMN and Burrito about a mathlete trip where Gemini overslept and the bus had to get him . This is the Newz . Washington’s football team to call itself Washington Football Team until it settles on a new name . Michigan woman charged with arson after video shows car fire exploding in her face . Eco-Responsible Furniture: This Bookshelf Can Be Reassembled Into A Coffin After The Owner’s Death . University staff member caught printing out large letter-sized pr0n collection on office computer . Limited edition Ramen Pringles to be sold in Pringles vending machines in Japan . Egyptian women get 2 years in prison for TikTok dance videos . A U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams Tank Accidentally Shot a Friendly Tank – Dodgeball with Tanks . Watermelon Burgers must be seen (and tasted) to be believed . Florida Congressional Candidate Warns of Internet ‘Anime Porn’ Like ‘Dragon Ball Z’ . Space Force on alert: Behind Russia’s mysterious testing of deadly anti-satellite weapons in orbit . Dunkin’ is closing 800 US locations . Dunkin’ and Post released coffee-flavored cereals with caffeine . McDonald’s worker refused to let pregnant customer use bathroom because she paid with coupon . Guinness World Records reveals the world’s tallest giraffe . Tampa teen accused of being ‘mastermind’ behind Twitter hack that targeted high-profile accounts . Man’s blocked bowel ‘explodes’ after he ate a big bowl of dumplings . Florida man flees crash, hides in fire station with backpack filled with drugs . Police Arrest Man for Performing Scrotum Surgery at a Backpacker’s Hostel . Average Age of Vehicles on the Road is Approaching 12 Years . Dad still has penis attached to his arm four years after innovative op . Wewahitchka man buys Porsche in Destin with check printed from home computer . ‘Brushing’ scam: The case of the mysterious seeds in Minnesota . Naked couple walking dog arrested in Hopkinton . Doctors Share Bikini Pics to Call Out Study That Said They Were ‘Unprofessional’ . Time Travel Simulation Shows Quantum ‘Butterfly Effect’ Doesn’t Exist . Tesla engineer upgrades chocolate chips . Google offers refund as smart glasses stop working . Grandfather-of-7 tells how a blast of steam shrunk enlarged prostate . French’s Partners With Oskar Blues Brewery to Make a Yellow Mustard Beer Celebrating National Mustard Day . Budweiser Zero is alcohol-free, sugar-free, hopefully not flavor-free . Crocs released KFC clogs that smell like fried chicken that sold out in 30 minutes . Can Greasy Pizza Boxes Be Recycled or Not? . Egg-cellent Adventure Episode 5: Deviled . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Deepfake sponsors: Foxbox VPN, Julio Tejas, Daddy Juice Energy, Spit Plus, Urite FlyLite
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