Slam City
Slam City
Jul 22, 2020
Episode 138: Bolivian Raincoat
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Intergalactic Boba Runners discuss Band Maid for the Intergalactic Boba Runners anime. . How Was Your Week?? sponsored by Foxbox VPN . The week was as short as the days. . Measuring time with fishfkcs . Smurfs are sandbagging pro gamers. . Bandito installed new shocks on his truck and replaced the battery. He also got the iPhone SE 2 but no case yet. One-day shipping took a few days. . Gemini traveled for work and stayed in a casino hotbox hotel. . What I Had For Lunch sponsored by Julio Tejas . Combination fried rice, Burger King paper crown, Sonic footlong . Selena x San Antonio Spurs . Dude Allegedly Spends $8,000 of Honeymoon Money On a Gaming PC . Music teacher convicted of giving girls semen-tainted flutes. He’s going to prison . CR abbreviation . Man bites seagull after it tried to steal his McDonald’s food . Washington Redskins Are Having Issues Changing Their Name Likely Due To Man Trademarking Over 40 Potential Names . Rare ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Game Sells for Whopping $114,000 USD . White Castle becomes the first fast food chain to test out the robot fry cook, Flippy, from Miso Robotics . Grant Imahara, Host of ‘MythBusters’ and ‘White Rabbit Project,’ Dies at 49 . Wayfair conspiracy theory . Lego made a 2,600-piece replica of playing Mario on the NES . Burger King’s latest sustainability effort: reduce cow farts . Tom Yum soup . Foxtrot’s assistant brings him a sprouted potato . Apple, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and other accounts tweeted a bitcoin scam in giant Twitter hack . Teens are dressing up as mask-wearing grandmas to try to score alcohol . Bear Spotted Training With Nun-Chucks! . Texas Man’s Alleged Use of PPP Funds for Crypto Instead of BBQ Has Feds Asking ‘Where’s the Beef?’ . Vantablack? Meh. Meet the Ultra-Black Vantafish . Pregnant Florida woman punched in face at gender reveal party . Bolivian sex workers using raincoats to keep ‘safe’ . More pr0n consumption creates greater erectile dysfunction in European men . Police arrest naked Kentucky man who broke into home, ‘used mushrooms with Jesus’ . Defendant Dared Homeless Man to Do a Backflip for $6, Laughed and Filmed as He Suffered Fatal Injury . Fish with luscious human lips and teeth perplexes, arouses social media . Bikini-clad woman says ‘Karen’ called her naked, demanded she ‘cover up’ . Utah Nonprofit Raises Over $100K Selling Penis-Print Face Masks . Body found by railroad tracks turns out to be sex doll . Japan police seek to stop yakuza handing out Halloween sweets to children . Sex Toy’s Virtual Orgasm Coaching Service Gives New Meaning to Telehealth . NSFW Paper Mario Easter egg is nice . For The First Time Ever, Astronomers Have Witnessed a Black Hole ‘Blink’ . Penguins Can Shoot Their Poop 4 Feet, Which Rules . Put a Pickle in Your Shitty Beer . Baker uses female urine from public toilets to make ‘Goldilocks bread’ . Hybrid Fish Stuns Scientists As Two Species That Last Shared An Ancestor In The Jurassic Have Babies . Egg-cellent Adventure Episode 3: Fried . 3 Things That Four Dudes Learned This Week . Deepfake sponsors: Spit Plus, Urite FlyLite
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