Nov 20, 2020
# 33 Is it a Coincidence that we Talk About the 33 Degree Masons on the 33rd Show?
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All Episodes can be found at  To Subscribe or find our videos  All other Podcasts  What we discussed:  Why you can't talk to some people when their mind is made up The system is designed to keep you in fear How to stop the research affecting you The Social Media Addiction Is the whole lot Orchestrated Election Fraud New Pfizer's Vaccine Why you should smash your TV The PCR Test Does Not Test for the disease New World Order Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace Why are they keeping your DNA Inversion and Disorientating the Public The Illuminati Free Masons The Public is not Smart Enough to Choose a Leader. The Media must steer them The Starts on the Republic Logo Turned upside down Fabian Society The Chances of 3 kids in a Picture becoming Leaders of Different Countries is Zero yet it Happened The Council of Foreign Relations Trump Satanists War and more 

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