How To Build A Funny Brand (Hint: Carefully) with Allie and Lyndsay from Obedient [E. 16]
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You know what's worse than a crappy brand that tries to be funny?

Nothing. Nothing is worse.

Which is why I was intrigued by Obedient, a branding agency specializing in building funny brands.Humor can be one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with a customer (like this awesome Brooklinen ad) or an incredible way to fail. Hard.

So how do you develop a funny brand right? Well, that's what Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Rush explain., touching on:

  • The right way to run a branding process, whether it's funny or not
  • Shaping a funny brand for a fertility clinic (seriously)
  • The nuances of humor
  • And a lot of crappy jokes of mine that show that it's really, really hard to be funny

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Marketers In Capes (formally Two Minute Marketing) shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. In less than ten minutes, each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well.

Also, in the episode I promised to drop Lindsay's full branding process, which didn't make the entire cut. Here is:

First and foremost you need a strategy. So, every brand that we work with, we take them through a multi-layered process. I'll go over just very high level. What we start with is understanding the brands goals, audience, and industry. Really knowing the landscape of their product and their history. Then we identify a point of differentiation. So, how do we creatively position your business in a way that breaks from the noise and breaks from the pack?
Essentially what it becomes, is it becomes the focus and direction we take your brand in. What we're doing is we're leading to your position. And in order to develop your position, which is the thing that's really going to hook your audience and make them pay attention to you, we want to understand what does your audience need to be believe? And how is that different from what others are offering?
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