Oct 16, 2020
Episode 18 featuring Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO and Co-founder, Resulticks
1 hr

Choosing to go from creating CD-ROM content to digital media
Choosing to go from a service agency to a product company  
Choosing not to sell your company
Choosing to be self-funded instead of getting a seed investor  
Choosing to create a product and then figure out how to adapt it to the market  
Choosing to launch a product company from San Francisco while targeting the Asian market
Choosing to create a single integrated system instead of modularised, siloed products
Choosing to change the market rather than do what the market needs

If there were to be a title to this episode, it could probably be ‘hard calls’.  After all, every single one of the decisions listed above are hard and against the trend. So what experiences do these decisions lead to?  Find out in our latest hippoBrain conversation where Redickaa Subrammanian narrates the incredible experiences while pivoting from a services-based agency to a product company, where she learnt: “It’s about saying no when you’re designed to say yes.” Listen to the CEO of Resulticks, one of the global leaders in omni-channel marketing automation, talk about shifting the mentality from a product-market fit to a problem-mindset fit.

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