Episode 17 (redux): The Black Hole, Snowpiercer, For All Mankind, Servant, The Suicide Squad, Comic-Con, ThunderCats and Game Of Thrones
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Found it! Yes, the famous lost episode of Robby The Robot’s Waiting – the one that got lost somewhere in the deepest depths of outer space (aka the internet) – has been rediscovered and unleashed in the direction of your eardrums. After one of our audio tracks went missing, we re-recorded most of the podcast to make sure you didn’t miss out on our chat about The Black Hole. Now it’s back from the other side of reality – and it’s epic. 

We’re joined by John Singh, a publicity mastermind who’s worked for companies like Disney and Lucasfilm, to talk about Disney’s first attempt to ‘do’ Star Wars. Why does The Black Hole have more in common with 2001: A Space Odyssey than galaxies far, far away? How did The Boy Who Talked To Badgers play a part in its genesis? And what’s with that ending? We’ve got the skinny on one of the weirdest – yet most ambitious – movies ever to come out of the House of Mouse.

Elsewhere, it’s a trip back in time as we discuss what we were watching in early March – before we’d even seen the WandaVision finale. We give our verdicts on Snowpiercer, Greenland, For All Mankind and Servant. 

And with Disney Plus making weekly appointment television fashionable again with WandaVision, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and The Mandalorian, we debate the best way to watch TV – once-a-week or all-in-one binge?

That’s not all, either, because we take our usual voyage through the strange new worlds of sci-fi news. Look out for our takes on the proposed Thanksgiving San Diego Comic-Con, George RR Martin bringing Game Of Thrones to the stage, The Suicide Squad trailer, the future of Star Wars, and a ThunderCats movie. Snarf!

There’s all that and much more in Robby The Robot’s Waiting, the podcast with its own gravitational pull. (Protection from Maximilian is optional.)

Episode highlights:

0:01:30 – What we’ve been watching: The Suicide Squad, Greenland, For All Mankind, Servant

0:01:25 – To binge or not to binge, that is the question...

0:31:24 – What has special guest John Singh been watching? Joe Versus The Volcano gets its first-ever Robby The Robot’s Waiting mention

0:36:26 – Rewind! Our retro segment this week looks back at The Black Hole (1979) – available to view now on Disney Plus

1:13:15 – News! The Suicide Squad, San Diego Comic-Con, ThunderCats, Game Of Thrones on stage and Star Wars

Your intrepid crew:

Richard Edwards: film and TV journalist and former editor of SFX magazine. https://twitter.com/RichDEdwards

Tanavi Patel: entertainment reporter for SFX and Digital Spy, panel moderator for MCM, FanExpo and more. https://twitter.com/tanavip

Dave Bradley: writer, gamer, book reviewer and another former editor of SFX. https://twitter.com/BoxDaveB

SPECIAL GUEST! John Singh has spent more than 20 years of his life working in publicity and media relations for The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm, including launching Star Wars Celebration Europe, and introducing D23, Disney's fan club, and the D23 Expo. He’s also worked with Frank Oz and the Saturn Awards. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2089678/

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Attention! There are now 18 episodes in season one of Robby The Robot's Waiting, plus a bunch of standalones. We'll be back with a special dedicated to The Falcon And The Winter Soldier next week, and then season two begins in earnest next month. Stay tuned!

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