SaaS Observability Done Right - OpenObservability Talks S2E08
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SaaS (software as a service) is a popular model for many businesses today. SaaS businesses need agility to move fast and remain competitive. This means agility in the software IT stack, but also agility in the business models and product-led growth (PLG). Observability plays a key role in enabling SaaS organizations to move fast.

Achieving this agility, however, raises specific observability requirements. On this episode of OpenObservability Talks we’ll host Aviad Mizrachi, the CTO and Co-Founder of Frontegg, to help us map these requirements. Having escorted dozens of SaaS businesses across many verticals, Aviad brings a wealth of experience in how today’s SaaS is built and operated, and will share his insights and best practices on how to design and build the observability stack right.

Aviad has been a developer for the last 20 years. He held a few management and architecture positions on startups such as Vicon and HTS as well as in larger companies such as NICE and CheckPoint. Today at Frontegg Aviad works closely with many customers to help them build their SaaS solutions.

The episode was live-streamed on YouTube Live and Twitch on 11 Jan 2022 and the video is available at 

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Show Notes:

  • What characteristics in today’s SaaS businesses dictate/influence the tech choices
  • How are SaaS systems built? Tech stack and architecture
  • Which observability is needed for SaaS?
  • Kubernetes & infra observability
  • Availability, responsiveness, low latency are critical in SaaS
  • product and business observability
  • Observability has many stakeholders
  • Recommended tooling for SaaS
  • Correlating different data signals
  • Persistence and the cost of storage
  • Final tips for SaaS observability
  • AWS recent outages and learnings
  • Log4j recent CVEs 



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