Where Are My App’s Traces?? Instrumentation in Practice - OpenObservability Talks S3E04
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Instrumentation is that black magic that makes our application emit traces, logs, metrics or other telemetry. How does it work? What options are available in different programming languages, such as Java, Python and Go? What does OpenTelemetry offer in this domain?  

On this episode of OpenObservability Talks I hosted Eden Federman, Co-Founder & CTO at keyval, a company focused on making observability simpler. Eden is the creator of two open source projects: Odigos and Go automatic instrumentation (now part of OpenTelemetry). Eden is passionate about everything related to observability and performance monitoring. He also created kubectl-flame, a profiler for Kubernetes.

The episode was live-streamed on 22 September 2022 and the video is available at https://youtu.be/VFykWV1mLAI

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Show Notes:

  • What is instrumentation
  • Manual and Automatic instrumentation
  • Different languages offer different options
  • Java instrumentation capabilities
  • Go instrumentation capabilities
  • Instrumentation when using programming frameworks
  • eBPF use in auto-instrumentation
  • New OpenTelemetry SIG for Go auto-instrumentation
  • Odigos open source project
  • Best practices for instrumentation


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