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Jan 24, 2022
#73 - Continuous Architecture (Part 3) - Security and Resilience - Eoin Woods
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“Because we ship stuff now almost immediately into public facing clients, almost as soon as we’re writing a line of code, we need to be thinking about how we make sure that it’s a secure line of code and it will be deployed and operated securely as well."

Eoin Woods is the co-author of “Continuous Architecture in Practice” and the CTO at Endava. In this last of a three-part series of “Continuous Architecture” episodes, Eoin shared the remaining two important quality attributes covered in the book, i.e. security and resilience. Eoin explained why we should treat security as a critical quality attribute, the changes in the security landscape that make security becomes more challenging, the threat modeling concept, how to do continuous threat modeling, and his 10 secure by design principles. Eoin then shared about resilience as a quality attribute, how we should differentiate resilience from high availability, some common resilience techniques that we can implement in our system, and the importance of embracing failure mindset.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:42]
  • Software Architecture - [00:09:43]
  • Quality Attributes: Security - [00:12:19]
  • Security Landscape Changes - [00:14:08]
  • Availability as Security Objective - [00:18:59]
  • Threat Modeling - [00:20:51]
  • Continuous Threat Modeling - [00:23:59]
  • Secure by Design - [00:26:56]
  • Quality Attribute: Resilience - [00:31:14]
  • Resilience and High Availability - [00:33:38]
  • Resilience Techniques - [00:35:36]
  • Allowing for Failures - [00:40:18]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:41:23]


Eoin Woods’s Bio
Eoin is CTO at Endava, based in London. In previous professional lives, he has developed databases, created security software and designed way too many systems to move money around. Outside his day job, he is a regular conference speaker. He is interested in software architecture, software security and DevOps, and has co-authored a couple of books on software architecture.

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