#139 - A Developer's Guide to Effective Software Testing - Mauricio Aniche
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“An effective developer is an effective software tester. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to make sure what you do works. And automated testing is such an easy and cheap way of doing it."

Mauricio Aniche is the author of “Effective Software Testing”. In this episode, Mauricio explained how to become a more effective software developer by using effective and systematic software testing approaches. We discussed several such testing techniques, such as testing pyramid, specification-based testing, boundary testing, structural testing, mutation testing, and property testing. Mauricio also shared his interesting view about test-driven development (TDD) and suggested the one area we can do to improve our test maintainability.  

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:03:43]
  • Winning Teacher of the Year - [00:06:07]
  • An Effective Developer is an Effective Tester - [00:09:33]
  • Reasons for Writing Automated Tests - [00:10:43]
  • Systematic Tester - [00:13:45]
  • Testing Pyramid - [00:17:50]
  • Unit vs Integration Test - [00:20:25]
  • Specification-Based Testing - [00:22:55]
  • Behavior-Driven Design - [00:25:34]
  • Boundary Testing - [00:27:01]
  • Structural Testing & Code Coverage - [00:30:16]
  • Mutation Testing - [00:35:31]
  • Property Testing - [00:38:45]
  • Test-Driven Development - [00:42:00]
  • Test Maintainability - [00:46:03]
  • Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests - [00:48:07]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:49:24]


Mauricio Aniche’s Bio
Dr. Maurício Aniche’s life mission is to help software engineers to become better and more productive. Maurício is a Tech Lead at Adyen, where he heads the Tech Academy team and leads different engineering enablement initiatives. Maurício is also an assistant professor of software engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His teaching efforts in software testing gave him the Computer Science Teacher of the Year 2021 award and the TU Delft Education Fellowship, a prestigious fellowship given to innovative lecturers. He is the author of the “Effective Software Testing: A Developer’s Guide”, published by Manning in 2022. He’s currently working on a new book entitled “Simple Object-Oriented Design” which should be on the market soon.

Follow Mauricio:

  • LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/mauricioaniche
  • Twitter – @mauricioaniche
  • Website – effective-software-testing.com
  • Newsletter – effectivesoftwaretesting.substack.com


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