#33 - Simplicity Playbook for Innovators - Jin Kang Møller
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“Simplicity is an experience that makes things easy for users that leaves positive emotions."

Jin Kang Møller is an award-winning customer experience strategist, design practitioner, and the author of “The Simplicity Playbook for Innovators“. She was the driving force behind FRANK by OCBC and OCBC OneWealth app that won her a Singapore Good Design Mark Gold award in 2017.

In this episode, Jin shared with me her insightful perspectives on simplicity and how simplicity naturally leads to innovation. She shared with me in-detail her powerful framework, “Simplicity Diamond“, that is extremely powerful to help us embrace simplicity in dealing with different aspects of business practices, products and services. She also shared her point of view on agile and design thinking, and how we can combine both methodologies together in order to solve the right problems for our customers and users. And don’t miss her fun sharing on “pain sponge” that provides a great mindset analogy for delivering better customer experience!

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:06:08]
  • Challenges Introducing Customer Experience - [00:11:38]
  • Simplicity - [00:16:24]
  • Simplicity Drives Innovation - [00:18:31]
  • Simplicity Diamond - [00:23:04]
  • Get Fueled by Empathy - [00:29:01]
  • Dancing with Complexity - [00:35:20]
  • Focus - [00:38:33]
  • Speak Human - [00:43:12]
  • Designing Lovable Experience - [00:46:54]
  • How to Embark on Simplicity Journey - [00:52:01]
  • Personal Simplicity - [00:54:00]
  • Agile and Design Thinking - [00:55:42]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:59:12]


Jin Kang Møller’s Bio
Jin Kang Møller is an award-winning customer experience strategist, design practitioner and highly-acclaimed executive trainer. She held design leadership positions to creative value and bottom-line impact for twenty years in the large financial services firms such as OCBC Bank in Singapore and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, and has led user experience consulting services for pharmaceutical companies.

Her design methodologies have helped wealth management, private & retail banking and insurance businesses to drive successful customer experience and digital transformation initiatives, and won her a Singapore Good Design Mark Gold award in 2017.

She is the author of The Simplicity Playbook for Innovators, a battle-tested strategy and the collection of tools to drive innovation, humanise digital transformation and to win customers’ hearts.

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