#136 - Privacy Engineering: How to Build for Data Privacy - Nishant Bhajaria
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“Privacy is about handling data in a way that builds for both compliance and trust, maturity and transparency."

Nishant Bhajaria is cybersecurity and data privacy executive and the author of “Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers”. In this episode, we discussed the importance of data privacy and privacy engineering. Nishant described his definition of data privacy and why it is becoming a key concern for users, companies, and regulators. He explained why doing data privacy is hard and how companies can build a privacy-first culture. Nishant also covered other data privacy topics, including data classification, data sharing, data consent, and data privacy applied to machine learning.  

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:03:29]
  • Writing “Data Privacy” Book - [00:05:45]
  • Building a Course - [00:10:04]
  • Data Privacy Definition - [00:13:43]
  • Data Privacy Concerns - [00:16:03]
  • Data Privacy Regulations - [00:22:07]
  • Data Privacy is Hard - [00:26:23]
  • Privacy & Security - [00:31:22]
  • Privacy-First Culture - [00:35:23]
  • Data for Machine Learning - [00:39:23]
  • Data Privacy Tooling - [00:42:45]
  • Data Sharing - [00:45:45]
  • Data Consent - [00:49:27]
  • Data Classification - [00:52:10]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:55:46]


Nishant Bhajaria’s Bio
Nishant Bhajaria is an executive in the cybersecurity and data privacy industry. Having started out as an engineer with a second act as a product manager, he pivoted to data protection before it became a high-visibility topic. Besides building and leading teams at Nike, Netflix, Google and Uber, Nishant has also authored the recently released Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers - a deep dive into strategies on effectively identifying, communicating and addressing privacy risks using technical strategies. He also teaches courses on LinkedIn Learning on cybersecurity, career development and building inclusive teams.

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