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Oct 11, 2021
#59 - DevOps Solutions to Operations Anti-Patterns - Jeffery Smith
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“DevOps is about creating a collaborative environment between the development team and the operations team, and aligning goals and incentives between those two teams. Because so many of the problems that we encounter in life, not just even in technology, are due to misalignment of goals."

Jeffery Smith is the author of “Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions” and the Director of Production Operations at Centro. In this episode, Jeffery described DevOps essentials and emphasized what DevOps is not. He also explained about CAMS, a framework that outlines the core components required for successful DevOps transformation. We then discussed three anti-patterns taken from his book: paternalist syndrome, alert fatigue, and wasting perfectly good incident; and he explained how to recognize those anti-patterns in order to avoid them on our DevOps journey. Finally, Jeffery also talked about postmortem and shared tips on how to cultivate a good postmortem culture.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:04:47]
  • DevOps - [00:09:13]
  • CAMS - [00:12:42]
  • Why DevOps Anti-Patterns - [00:16:48]
  • Anti-Pattern 1: Paternalist Syndrome - [00:19:55]
  • Anti-Pattern 2: Alert Fatigue - [00:27:20]
  • Anti-Pattern 3: Wasting a Perfectly Good Incident - [00:34:33]
  • Postmortem - [00:39:59]
  • 4 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:45:57]


Jeffery Smith’s Bio
Jeffery Smith has been in the technology industry for over 15 years, oscillating between management and individual contributor. Jeff currently serves as the Director of Production Operations for Centro, a media services and technology company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Before that he served as the Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at Grubhub.

Jeff is passionate about DevOps transformations in organizations large and small, with a particular interest in the psychological aspects of problems in companies. He lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie and their two kids Ella and Xander.

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