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Mar 13, 2023
#124 - The Value Flywheel Effect - David Anderson
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“The business technology divide was apparent in many companies. The idea of the value flywheel effect is to join the business and technology goals and create this flywheel effect momentum."

David Anderson is the author of “The Value Flywheel Effect” and the co-creator of The Serverless Edge. In this episode, David described the value flywheel effect concept and its four stages: clarity of purpose, challenge & landscape, next best action, and long-term value. David also explained the importance of Wardley Mapping and how we can use it to help improve the organization’s situational awareness within the value flywheel. During our discussion about the four stages, we also discussed several important concepts, such as the North Star Framework for clarity of purpose, understanding the team’s psychological safety and sociotechnical systems landscape, serverless-first paradigm as one way for the next best action, and using the well-architected framework and sustainability as guidelines for ensuring long-term value.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:39]
  • Value Flywheel Effect - [00:09:48]
  • Wardley Mapping Overview - [00:12:09]
  • Improving Situational Awareness - [00:18:04]
  • Clarity of Purpose - [00:20:51]
  • North Star Framework - [00:23:33]
  • Obsess Over Time to Value - [00:26:36]
  • Challenge and Landscape: Psychological Safety - [00:28:44]
  • Sociotechnical Systems View - [00:33:54]
  • The Next Best Action: Serverless-First Mindset - [00:36:11]
  • Code is a Liability - [00:40:33]
  • Long-Term Value: Problem Prevention Culture - [00:42:03]
  • Well-Architected Framework - [00:45:26]
  • Sustainability - [00:47:42]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:50:45]


David Anderson’s Bio
David is a technical leader who enjoys writing and speaking about the leading edge of technology. David moved to Liberty Mutual in 2007 and drove technology change and cloud adoption. As a practicing Architect with G-P, he continues to empower and enable peers on Serverless First, Well-Architected, Engineering Excellence. His new book, The Value Flywheel Effect - Power the Future and Accelerate Your Organization to the Modern Cloud was published by IT Revolution in the fall of 2022. He is based in Belfast, writes on The Serverless Edge, is the lead organizer for ServerlessDays Belfast, is a member of the Wardley Mapping community.

Follow David:

  • LinkedIn –
  • Twitter – @davidand393
  • Serverless Edge –
  • Serverless Craic Podcast –


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