What does it mean to be asexual? Coming out, resources, and finding ace community.
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Today I wanted to highlight a lesser known part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We’ll be highlighting one of the A’s in the community which stands for asexuality. It’s actually an umbrella term, so there’s a range of where people may identify. Some asexuals also called “Aces” may have low or no sexual attraction or interest in sex. Some enjoy being in emotional relationships, and some do not. Some aces identify as gay, straight, bi, or any other orientation to describe their attraction while some don’t experience attraction at all. This is by no means a chat explaining every asexual person’s life, this is just one experience, one story. Find more about Mary and local resources: --- 

Her blog - https://nextstepcake.wordpress.com/  ---  

Local SF asexuality group - https://www.asexualitysf.org  --- 

Useful info about aseuxality - https://acesandaros.org/  --- 

Asexuality week website, in 2020 its October 25th through 31st - https://aceweek.org/  --- 

In the video we’ll be answering:  --- 

- To start off, how did you first figure out you were on the ace-spectrum? 

- Where can people find resources about being ace or getting involved with the ace community? 

 - Has there been any interesting experiences when coming out for you? 

- Are your family and friends accepting? 

- I heard that in the asexuality community, you can signal visibility to each other through a black ring, do you know a little more about the origins of this?  

- To wrap up the conversation, do you have any other tips or recommendations for people coming to terms with their ace identities?

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