Security Awareness 101
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With Perry Carpenter: Chief Evangelist!  Author of: Transformational Security Awareness. I know many therapists are scared of tech, many can find it overwhelming and so I decided to speak with one of the most comprehensive communicators in the field of security awareness. One who shares my passion for the overlap between human and tech, human behaviour and those darn errors of judgment and mistakes we make with tech.  

In this episode, we tackle why sole traders are often out of the loop of cybersecurity and why this large topic area can be easily accessible and how to tame the monster!  Perry is eloquent in his approach and we have many themes that overlap in terms of why we do what we do, and Perry brings lots of overarching models and theories to the table. This is quite the episode!  Do take a look at Perry's book, and the company he reefers to; KnowB4 and see why I was soooo stoked to speak with him.. I reckon there are another 40+ conversations I could have with him!  

For therapists and counsellors listening: Welcome back to the cyber-based conversations; we have a long way to go. Head over to if you want to get great, accurate and up to date advice on matters like the ones discussed here today. Get the right advice from someone in the field.

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