Out East Vibes
Out East Vibes
Jul 25, 2020
Episode 6 - Luke Gulbranson
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It's easy to write off models and actors as pretty faces with not a lot behind them. But if that's what you think about Luke Gulbranson, you couldn't be more wrong. On this episode of The Out East Vibes Podcast, we sit down with the man himself to see just what makes him tick, how he got to where he's at today, what's next on the horizon, and more.

Of course, on this podcast, we've got a rep. for digging deep and unearthing facts about our guests that only few people know, and that's no exception here. For example, how many of you out there know what Luke majored in in college? If you've got this impression of him as a typical hockey jock, the answer is going to shock / impress you.

But moreover, this being a Hamptons-focused podcast, we couldn't help but get into the surprising parallels between life out east and life in rural Minnesota (yes, there are parallels there...) and there may just be some video content of a motorcycle ride through Montauk possibly coming to you Summer 2021.

Beyond all that, if there's one good reason to listen to this ep., it's the story of a guy who just sets his sights on goals and does anything and everything he can to achieve them. It's a story of grit, ambition, and a willingness to do the work, day in and day out. If you're feeling in any way down about the future, this is the one thing you just absolutely need to hear.

00:39 - Intro

01:04 - Dogs Being Dogs

01:38 - Charity Work With Animals

03:48 - Lake House Vibes

04:02 - Hockey, Obviously

07:50 - Similarities Between The Hamptons & Minnesota (Yes, Those Exist...)

11:51 - The Dichotomy Of Luke

16:00 - Luke's High School Dating Career

17:30 - High School Shenanigans

18:45 - Football, Less Obviously

19:30 - Randy Moss Or Cris Carter?

20:30 - Luke Gulbranson Explains Curling

24:07 - The Importance Of Fast Ice

25:45 - Luke's College Studies

28:30 - Science Doesn't Lie

31:43 - Redoing Floors & Other Home Reno Fun

36:15 - The Birth Of A Business (Making Jewelry & More)

39:56 - Maple Syrup?!

42:35 - That Modeling Life

46:02 - Being Blindfolded And Serenaded

47:20 - The Bud Light Lime Connection

50:05 - How Long Does It Take YOU To Drink A Guinness?

51:05 - Motorcycles, Obviously

53:35 - Carbs, Dieting & Getting After It

54:30 - Cliff Diving In Minnesota?

57:00 - Diving Deep Into Film & TV Projects

01:03:00 - Attack Of The Pears

01:04:26 - Lessons In Entrepreneurship

01:06:18 - Get Luke's Stuff! (Where To Find R. Co. Online)

01:07:46 - Grace & Gratitude

And big shoutout to photog JT Guthrie on the original image behind the cover art for this episode.

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