Life's Awkward.
#4 Boosting your gut health + Lilly Pandis’s story with gut issues
Jul 27, 2020 · 1 hr 24 min
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Your health is your wealth. Plus, you feel better when you're healthy (but it may be a long journey). 

On today's podcast, I brought on Lilly Pandis (@spoontosoull) who is a soon to be health coach based out of Colorado. Wayyyy back when, Lilly and I met through mutual friends and didn't really keep in touch. Fast forward roughly ten years later and we shared a very similar health journey. 

Once figuring out I had leaky gut (a year after wrapping up my SIBO journey), a family friend sent over Lilly's account for gut-healthy recipes. Ever since then, I wanted to share her journey with all of you. 

Tune into today's episode to learn all things gut health + cheer on Lilly as she starts up her health coaching business. 

Today, we break down everything awkward:

+ Intro to who Lilly is and how we know each other 

+ Her awkward + goofy moment 

+ Lilly’s gut health journey 

+ How I got gut issues and what I did to figure it all out 

+ Whole30 ~ what is it and how can it help your gut

+ Navigating the social scene while you’re going through “gut rehab” 

+ Tips to slowly introduce things back into your diet 

+ The impacts of mental clarity and getting in-tune with your body

+ Tips to getting help on a budget 

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