Back of the Shul
Back of the Shul
Jul 9, 2020
3 Weeks vs Ramadan, Mizrach Vant of Fast Day Activities, Listener Reviews & Voicemails
Play • 57 min

It's summer and that means fun and fasting. Get through the next 18 hours - and commute upstate? with us. Because we know you're just looking to kill time. We introduce a new sponsor - Tam Tams, ever heard of them? - then discuss our love of the 3 Weeks (2:30-6:50). Minyan Updates include plugging another frum podcast and debating 3 Weeks vs Ramadan (7:03-10:30), followed by Shailos U'tshuvos and the shortest Bein Gavra L'gavra ever (10:31-23:50). We then discuss the Mizrach Vant of Fast Day Activities (23:54-40:09), followed by 5-star reviews and a listener voicemail (40:11-52:06). The last 5 minutes got weird. Not responsible for inaccurate timestamps. See episode for more details.

Thank you to our beloved sponsor, Tam Tams. Let us know @backoftheshul how you Tam Tam. 

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