41. The power of light and dark to reset our body clock with Dr. Jo
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In one of Neil deGrasse Tyson's (the popular American astrophysicist) YouTube videos titled, "What is a day" he shared that the day isn't exactly 24 hours. In fact, most days are very slightly longer than 24 hours (0.002 seconds) and that every few years we need to add a leap second to our clocks.

And, I thought, "That's nothing. It's just a second off." 

The human body is way off the 24 hour mark. (12 minutes longer) and THIS is causing a lot of us to feel like we have perpetual jet lag. This episode is all about how to reset our body back to the 24-hour schedule of the world. So, we can get to sleep easily, wake up feeling refreshed, and feel energized all day long. 

Host, Dr. Jo Lichten, PhD, RDN, CSP is an energy expert...for people. Blending the science of peak performance with a healthy dose of reality, she works with organizations to recharge their people for improved performance, productivity, and profitability. To learn more and to invite Dr. Jo to speak to your organization, visit DrJo.com.

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· As a PhD nutritionist and registered dietitian, my mission is to help energize people’s lives so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive. This involves blending the science of peak performance with a healthy dose of reality.

· Nutrition, wellness, and general health information is for educational purposes and not a substitute for personalized professional medical care. Please consult your medical care professional about any health issue.



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